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Tohoku Pioneer EG Corporation

Aiming to be the No.1 System Integrator

An experienced and highly-skilled professional team provides optimal manufacturing solutions for our customerʼs requirements.




In the contemporary manufacturing industry, mass-production machinery is required to meet diverse requirements, such as higher precision, higher efficiency, compactness, lower cost, small-lot production of a wide variety of products, eco-friendliness and power-saving. Manufacturing systems are required to be optimally customized for each product. In order to develop machinery meeting these requirements, as a specialist system integrator, our customer-oriented professionals provide optimal manufacturing solutions.

To achieve and promote a comfortable living environment through manufacturing, we develop FA systems contributing to society, aiming for "good harmony between industry and the natural environment". We have obtained international standards, ISO14001 and ISO9001, and have strived to contribute to energy saving and a clean environment globally using our skills, technical capabilities and thorough quality control.


Custom-made Factory Automation Systems

ROBOTOP = ROBOT (automated machine) + TOP (cutting edge / peak / Tohoku Pioneer EG)
This is a registered trademark of Tohoku Pioneer EGʼs FA systems providing state-of-art automation technology. ROBOTOP is a respected and trusted brand that represents the track record and technological capability of Tohoku Pioneer. ROBOTOP is the name of our FA systems that are adaptable to our customersʼ needs in next generation factories.

Greetings from the President

We Aim to Grow Jointly with Our Customers,
Using Our Comprehensive Technological Capability
as a Factory Automation System Integrator

Heikichi Muneta
President and Representative Director

Heikichi Muneta
President and Representative Director

Since starting sales of factory automation (FA) systems in 1984, Tohoku Pioneer EG Corporation (TPEG) has produced a wide range of automated assembly lines and inspection systems. Over the years, TPEG has refined an extensive collection of manufacturing and assembly technology. While mainly focusing on the automobile industry, the range of industries we work with is expanding. We also work with industries including makers of electrical goods, electronics, medicine, food, semiconductors and IT equipment. As a full service engineering company encompassing the design and building of machinery as well as after-sales service, we strive to please our customers with the highest quality production systems.

We are dealing with rapid progress of technological innovation in the industries we serve and responding to large-scale globalization by developing our network and customer support systems. We place top priority on customer-oriented thinking and continually challenge ourselves to create highly value-added production systems based on the concepts "Low Cost, Compact, Simple". Based on our management philosophy of "Quality Improvement", every single employee focuses on developing production machinery which pleases our customers with the highest manufacturing quality.

In line with the tradition of “Monozukuri” or the craftsman spirit, we will continue to serve our customers by creating excitement and satisfaction through our innovative production systems. We stand ready to grow with our customers.

We deeply appreciate the continued business and support of all of our customers.

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