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Examples of Our FA Systems

Our reliable quality and technical capabilities have been highly praised in various fields including electrical, medical and semiconductor industries.

From the outset, we have endeavored to satisfy our customers constantly through finely responding to their needs and developing bespoke FA systems. Our products have been highly valued in various industries and we have a successful track record in delivering a wide range of systems.

Electrical & Semiconductor Industry

  • Small LCD Module Inspection Lines
  • Solar Cell Module Assembly Lines
  • Optical Disc Production Systems
  • Robotic Dispensing Systems
  • PCB Adjustment & Inspection Lines
  • FDD Assembly Lines
  • Laser Disc Cleaning Machines
  • Head Assembly Systems
  • Car Stereo Aging Inspection Lines
  • Car Stereo Assembly Lines
  • Car Stereo Adjustment & Inspection Lines
  • Large Glass Panel Loaders/Unloaders
  • Smoke Detector Assembly Adjustment & Inspection Lines
  • Small-sized Motor Assembly Lines
  • Loudspeaker Assembly & inspection Lines
  • Noise Filter Assembly & Inspection Lines
  • Reel Assembly & Torque Inspection Systems
  • 6 Axis Simulator

Medical Industry

  • Sensor Card Assembly Lines
  • Ureteral Tube & Bag Production Lines
  • Rubber Stopper Assembly Machines
  • Catheter Wrapping Machines
  • Ground Bar Welding & Assembling Machines
  • Rubber Plug Image Inspection Systems
  • S-plug Assembly Machines
  • M-plug Assembly Machines
  • Cable Assembly Lines
  • Laminate Deposition Machines

Other Industries

  • Oil Pressure Valve Assembly Machines
  • Circuit Breaker Assembly / Inspection Lines
  • Four-way Valve Assembly Machines
  • CD Scale Applicators
  • Lever Block Sub-assembly Lines

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