Main Businesses

Car Electronics Business

Introducing the world's first component car stereo in 1975 and the world's first GPS car navigation system for consumer market in 1990, Pioneer has always offered products at the forefront of the times. Pioneer's car audio and car navigation products, which incorporate the latest technology and unique ideas, are renowned for their functionality and ease of use, and are the first choice for many customers. IT is also focusing on its map business and autonomous driving field business as one of its business pillars as it looks ahead to the coming autonomous driving society.

Car Navigation Systems

Pioneer develops the following two brands for Japanese market.


Carrozzeria “CYBER NAVI” has always proposed new value which leads the industry, such as information display using AR technology, cloud services and advanced driving assistance functions.


Carrozzeria "Raku-Navi" satisfies both high performance and usability and develops a wide range of variety from main unit type to portable type systems.

Car Audio Systems / Car Speakers

Pioneer brings entertainment to the cars of customers around the globe with its car audio, audio-visual (AV) and speaker systems, which are highly regarded for their high-quality sound, excellent picture quality during playback and advanced designs.

CarPlay compatible product

Pioneer launched the first in-dash car multimedia system to provide Apple CarPlay in Japan, allowing consumers the ability to upgrade the car they already own to the smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car.

Smart Loop

"Smart Loop" is Pioneer's original information network system consisting of three elements: (1) a "car navigation system" , (2) a "network system" , and (3) "collective wisdom" accumulated by the car navigation and network systems. Pioneer is providing the valuable information accumulated by Smart Loop to drivers and is creating new value, utilizing "real-time probe" information from moving cars, and "storage-type probe" information such as spot information and all types of setting data related to driving.

App for Smartphones

Pioneer develops and provides the navigation app for smartphones that incorporates Pioneer's accumulated know-how, as well as apps for connecting to the Internet and for enjoying music and video in the car.

Map Software

In addition to map-making for car navigation systems, we develop applications for communication-type car navigation systems and provide a variety of digital map services for Internet and mobile phones. We develop high-precision map as it looks ahead to the coming autonomous driving society.

Related Information

Autonomous Driving Field

Pioneer is developing a high-performance, compact, low-cost 3D-LiDAR system for in car applications by leveraging its optical disc technologies cultivated over the years.