President's Message


Susumu Kotani President and CEO

We recorded consolidated net sales of ¥176.2 billion, an operating income of ¥2.0 billion, and a net loss attributable to owners of Pioneer Corporation of ¥2.6 billion for the first half of fiscal 2018, the six months ended September 30, 2017.

We are steadily implementing measures to improve profitability, as well as our growth strategies as follows:

In the OEM business, we are optimizing our whole supply chain from material procurement to manufacturing and sale, in anticipation of full-scale shipments of large-scale orders from the second half of fiscal 2018 onward. We are also taking measures to ensure stable profit, including reducing costs continuously, raising production efficiency using IT and automation, and improving efficiency in software development.

In the consumer market business, we are working to increase sales through expanding our smartphone-linked product lineup and delivering new value solutions by our proprietary advanced driving assist systems. We are also seeking sound-centric entertainment, such as a roll out of car navigation systems capable of reproducing high resolution audio. We are also strengthening commercial-use businesses that utilize our cloud.

In the map business and autonomous driving field, we have started supplying samples of 3D-LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor for car manufacturers, etc. in Japan and overseas. Also, we have entered into a business and capital alliance with HERE Technologies, the Netherlands-based global provider of mapping and location services, for the purpose of further strengthening our collaboration. Through these initiatives, we are steadily moving ahead to become an “essential company” toward the realization of autonomous driving.

I would like to ask for the continued understanding and strong support of all of our stakeholders.

December 2017

Susumu Kotani

Susumu Kotani
President and CEO