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Feb 13, 2002
Pioneer Corporation

DVD Recording becomes easy and affordable by
Pioneer''s new DVD-R/RW recorder, the "DVR-3000"

February 13, 2002, Tokyo, Japan -- Pioneer Corporation (NYSE: PIO) announced its new DVD recorder for release in Japan this early March* , the DVR-3000, at an affordable ¥125,000 suggested retail price. Pioneer's DVD recorder in Japan becomes the lineup of affordable DVR-3000 and the high-end DVR-7000, introduced in Japan in July last year. The company said it will produce 20,000 units of DVR-3000s monthly.

* The date of product release has been postponed to approximately the end of June.



<< Design Philosophy >>

Pioneer has led the DVD recorder market, since it released the world's first DVD recorder, the DVR-1000 (¥250,000 suggested retail price), in December 1999 to the Japanese market followed by the DVR-2000 (same suggested retail price) in December 2000 that features Video Mode (DVD-Video format) recording for attaining playback compatibility with existing DVD players*1. Then in July 2001, the company launched the DVR-7000 (¥198,000 suggested retail price in Japan), which offers Progressive Scan playback, linear PCM sound recording, and other high-quality picture and sound features.
The new DVR-3000 comes with a variety of features designed to make high-quality DVD recording and playback easier to enjoy. With the introduction of this model, Pioneer's DVD recorder lineup in Japan now comprises the affordable DVR-3000 and the high-end DVR-7000 that has been sold well since its introduction.
The DVR-3000 inherits many of the high-quality technologies of the DVR-7000. It offers easy recording with the remote controller and a DV terminal (i.LINK*2) that enables easy digital dubbing*3 of high-quality video sources from digital camcorders to DVD-R/RW discs. The DVR-3000 is also equipped with a Progressive Scan circuit employed in high-end DVD players for faithful reproduction of high-quality video images. To make DVD playback more user-friendly, the DVR-3000 includes new features such as a zoom function capable of enlarging a portion of the picture, and Dolby*4 Virtual Surround.
The DVR-3000 was jointly developed by Sharp Corporation and Pioneer, as part of the Digital Media Project launched by the two companies in July 2000. The goal of this project is to combine their technologies in next-generation digital products. By combining Pioneer's DVD-R/RW recording and playback technology and Sharp's VCR device and manufacturing technologies, the DVR-3000 will provide greater satisfaction to users.
With the rapid market acceptance of DVD players, and its versatile features such as random access capability, high picture quality, durability, and compact size, DVD-R and DVD-RW are enjoying wide popularity as quality recording media. In this rapidly growing market, Pioneer will continue to expand the world of DVD, or Digital Versatile Disc, by emphasizing the attractive feature of DVD-R/RW recording that offers playback compatibility with existing DVD players.

<< Major Features of the DVR-3000 >>

1 ) Flexibility in the Choice of Disc Types and Recording Modes

  1. VR Mode-provides a variety of video editing functions.
    The VR Mode, which complies with DVD-RW (ver. 1.0 and 1.1) discs, utilizes MPEG data compression technology to achieve real-time and high resolution recording, while providing a wide variety of video editing functions. With the VR Mode, the DVR-3000 can record video contents of 1 hour in FINE mode, 2 hours in SP mode, 4 hours in LP mode, and 6 hours in EP mode on a single DVD-RW disc. Discs recorded in VR Mode can be played back on DVD players that are VR Mode compatible, available from Pioneer and other manufacturers.
  2. Video Mode-provides easy and simple non-editing recording of favorite video images.
    Although DVD-R (for general ver. 2.0) and DVD-RW (ver. 1.1) discs recorded in Video Mode are not designed for video editing, they can be played back*1 on many existing DVD players available from Pioneer and other manufacturers and on PCs equipped with DVD-ROM drives. With the Video Mode, the DVR-3000 can record video contents of 1 hour in FINE mode, 2 hours in SP mode, and 4 hours in LP mode on a DVD-R/RW disc.

2 ) Timer Recording- Versatile Yet Easy to Use

  1. Disc Program Recording (VR Mode).
    Timer recording settings can be programmed on DVD-RW disc itself, making it convenient to create dedicated discs for each family member or simply for recording programs broadcasted on the same day and time of the week. To set the recorder for Disc Program Timer Recording, just insert the programmed DVD-RW disc into the recorder, and the rest is done automatically.
  2. Easy Timer Recording.
    The Quick Timer Recording key on the remote controller allows the user to quickly set the starting and ending time for recording in 15 minute segments, facilitating easy pre-settings for timer recording.
  3. Auto-start Recording.
    When this function is set to ON, recording begins automatically according to programmed timer settings made on the connected digital satellite broadcast tuner or CS tuner.

3 ) Convenient, Yet Advanced Features Unique to DVD Recorders

  1. Easy recording without cueing procedures (both Video and VR modes).
  2. "DISC NAVI" (Disc Navigator) feature provides thumbnail images of all the opening scenes of the recorded titles for easy locating of desired scenes (VR mode only).
  3. Playlist editing (VR mode only).
  4. Title input (both Video and VR modes).

4 ) Cutting-edge Technologies to Ensure Superb Picture and Sound Quality

  1. A high-power-output recording pickup provides high-precision recording onto DVD-R/RW discs and playback of CD discs.
  2. DNR (Digital Video Noise Reduction) technology provides more natural, high-resolution pictures by eliminating various noises.
  3. Loaded with 10bit/54 MHz Video DAC.
  4. Time Base Correction (TBC) LSI enables recording of high-quality, jitter-free pictures.
  5. A three-dimensional Y/C Separation Circuit allows high-quality picture recording.

5 ) Other Features that Support Excellent Picture Quality

  1. Progressive scan for playback with excellent picture quality.
    The DVR-3000 employs a progressive scan circuit-technology that has earned high marks in the DVR-7000 model-to reproduce pictures not only of DVD-Video titles but of personally recorded footage with excellent quality. This technology is particularly useful when playing back movie titles and other DVD-Video discs produced from film-based footage, because it provides natural, rich colors of the original films.
  2. DV terminal for i.LINK connection with digital camcorders.
    Video footage taken with digital camcorders can be digitally dubbed onto discs via the DV terminal. Also, the DVR-3000's remote controller allows the connected digital camcorders to perform Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Slow and certain other functions, in addition to edit the footage with ease.

6 ) Three Other Features to Enhance Enjoyment

  1. Multi-Disc-Compatible Playback Capability
    In addition to playing back DVD-Video titles and DVD-R/RW discs with excellent pictures and sound, the DVR-3000 can play music and video CDs, and CD-R/RW discs. It can also play CD-R/RW discs on which high-compression music data is recorded in the MP3 format.
  2. Dolby*4 Virtual Surround (Spatializer method*5)
    Dolby Virtual Surround creates sound effects with only two speakers that simulate those heard in a movie theater. This feature is particularly handy when viewing DVD movie titles.
  3. Zoom Function Allows Enlargement of Part of the Picture.
    By pressing the zoom key during playback, the viewer can enlarge part of the picture in 3 steps (approx. 1.2X, 1.5X, 2.0X).

7 ) Copy Protection Technologies

In addition to Macrovision signal detection and CGMS*6 signal judgment, the DVR-3000 has been made to prevent recording against the will of the copyright owner by corresponding to CPRM*7. Moreover, the playback of a disc that has been reproduced without consent is not possible due to the Media ID Detection function. Furthermore, a protection technology which prevents the reproduction of video contents protected by CSS*8 is provided in blank DVD-R/RW discs.

Other Features

  1. D2 Video Output terminal for Progressive video output (525P).
  2. 96 kHz/24-bit D/A converter for faithful reproduction of high-quality DVD sound.
  3. Component Video Output terminal for direct output of both brightness (Y) and chromatic (Cb, Cr) signals.
  4. Supports DTS digital output.
  5. Three-step Fast Forward and Fast Rewind (scan), and Chapter Title Skip.
  6. A wide variety of playback functions, including Slow, Repeat, and Program.
  7. G-CODE*9 -compatible remote controller comes with liquid crystal display.
*1 In the year 2000, the DVD Forum approved the use of the DVD-Video format for recording on DVD-R/RW discs. Supporting playback of DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format is optional for manufacturers of DVD playback devices, and there are DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM drive equipped PCs or other DVD playback devices that do not play DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format.
In the year 2000, the DVD Forum approved the use of the DVD-Video format for recording on DVD-R/RW discs. Supporting playback of DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format is optional for manufacturers of DVD playback devices, and there are DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM drive equipped PCs or other DVD playback devices that do not play DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format.
Also, there are Pioneer DVD-Video players that do not playback DVD-R/RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video format, longer than 2 hours. More details on this matter will be informed through Pioneer Website in due course.
*2 i.LINK is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
*3 When dubbing DV tapes containing after-recording audio signal on DVD-R/RW discs digitally, it will only be recorded either Stereo 1 (original audio channel) or Stereo 2 (after-recording audio channel).
*4 Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
*5 Specializer/N-2-2/Digital Virtual Surround is a 3D audio technology developed by Desper Products, Inc.
*6 "CGMS" stands for Copy Generation Management System, a copyright management system for digital recording equipment that restricts the number of copying times.
*7 "CPRM" (Content Protection for Recordable Media) refers to a copyright protection technology that records "scramble" signal with the video content onto a recordable media that will not allow secondary copying of "once-only copy free" video contents.
*8 "CSS" stands for Contents Scramble System.
*9 G-CODE is a registered trademark of Gemster Development Corporation.

<< Main Specifications of DVR-3000 >>

Recording modeVR modeVideo mode
RecordingMedia DVD-RNoYes
         DVD-RWYes (Ver. 1.0/1.1)Yes (Ver 1.1)
Recording TimeFINE: 1 hour
SP: 2 hours
LP: 4 hours
EP: 6 hours
FINE: 1 hour
SP: 2 hours
LP: 4 hours
Disc Timer recordingYesNo
Support of G-codesYes
Auto-Start recordingYes
PlaybackCompatible mediaDVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW
Disc NavigationYesYes (Before finalization)
Title ListNoYes (After finalization)
CM SkipYes
EditingInput of titlesYes (English, kana, numerals)
Title eraseYesYes*10
Chapter MarkYes (anywhere)Yes (in 3/5/10/30 minute
intervals, or none)
TV systemNTSC system
Receivable channelsVHF: 1-12 ch
UHF: 13-62 ch
CATV: C13-C63 ch *11
TerminalsInputVideo/audio: 2 (incl. 1 at the front)*12
S video: 2 (incl. 1 at the front)
SR control
OutputVideo/audio: 2
S video: 2
Component video: PIN
D2: 1
Optical digital: 1
Coaxial digital output: 1
 DV input/output terminal (iLink-compliant)
Number of recordable programsOn main unit8 programs (within 1 year)
On disc8 programs (within 1 year)
Tuning to reception channelsAuto (for specified areas)/Manual
Dimensions420 (W) x 82 (H) x 362 (D) mm
Weight (Main unit)5.6kg
Power supplyAC110V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption38W (on standby 0.5W, FL off)
*10 Content stays even when the title is erased.
*11 To receive CATV programs, the viewer must contact a CATV company.
*12 Including 1 port for Auto-start recording.

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