Message from the President

Message from the President

“Comprehensive Infotainment” that Creates Comfort, Excitement, Safety and Reliability in Vehicles

The Pioneer Group has realized a philosophy that expresses our founding spirit of “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul” and our unshakeable commitment encompassing a pioneering spirit which is also represented in our company name, and we have released many world firsts including component car stereos and GPS navigation systems. I believe it is our mission to avail ourselves of the new challenges we will face in the future so that we may deliver new excitement to our many customers.

Last year, we focused management resources on the car electronics business, which continues to grow worldwide. It was a year when we took the first step toward restructuring Pioneer.

As the car electronics market undergoes great change, we are promoting a strategy tailored to the characteristics of two different businesses: the consumer-market business in which we are always able to bring new value to market and the OEM business in which we grow together with automobile manufacturers by putting forth proposals that exceed their expectations. Our aim is to be the leading company in "comprehensive infotainment" that creates comfort, excitement, safety and reliability in vehicles.

Aiming to be Indispensable in the Age of Autonomous Driving

With an eye looking squarely toward the coming age of completely autonomous driving, we are focusing on our autonomous driving-related business and map business as the mainstays of our new business.

Autonomous driving systems hold great potential as well for providing solutions to social issues involving movement, such as achieving an accident-free society, alleviating traffic congestion, and allowing the elderly and people with disabilities to move about freely.

Pioneer is a unique presence that has realized both 3D-LiDAR sensors and highly accurate and advanced maps, which are essential for autonomous driving systems. This is due to the utilization of our strengths in having resources such as optical technology, navigation technology that realizes highly accurate positioning, probe data, and cloud infrastructure, as well as having a map production company among our subsidiaries.

3D-LiDAR is a three-dimensional driving space sensor that employs lasers and plays an important role in autonomous driving vehicles. We have been pursuing development with the aim of achieving the number one position in the LiDAR market by creating smaller and less expensive sensors that can be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles including ordinary automobiles as well as by using our proprietary technology to optimize sensors for autonomous driving.

With our highly accurate and advanced maps, we are already involved in developing and consolidating detailed geographical data. By combining this with 3D-LiDAR sensors mounted on ordinary vehicles in the future, we aim to efficiently and inexpensively maintain and operate advanced maps, which will collect and prepare only the information necessary for autonomous driving.

Furthermore, in the autonomous driving field, we will strive to become an “essential company toward the realization of autonomous driving” by making use of our ability to develop both “3D-LiDAR” driving space sensors and high-precision map data, which are necessary for autonomous driving, as well as by utilizing our alliances to create and commercialize a “data ecosystem” for advanced maps.

For Sustainable Growth

In order to realize sustainable growth of our businesses, the Pioneer Group will continue to provide customer value and products that only Pioneer can make. We will practice CSR management rooted in ESG (environment, society and governance), and aim to enhance corporate value while meeting the expectations of our many different stakeholders and the broader society.

As a member of the global community, the Pioneer Group will contribute to society’s sustainable development as we share excitement with our stakeholders through our business activities. I look forward to your continued understanding and support in the months and years to come.

October 2016

Susumu Kotani

President and CEO

Message from the President