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Intellectual Property

Pioneer owns and licenses patents related to the following DVD technologies:

  • DVD-ROM Discs
  • DVD-Video Discs
  • DVD-Audio Discs
  • DVD-R Discs
  • DVD-RW Discs
  • DVD-RAM Discs
  • DVD+R Discs
  • DVD+RW Discs
  • DVD-ROM Players
  • DVD-Video Players
  • DVD-Audio Players
  • DVD-R Recorders
  • DVD-RW Recorders
  • DVD-RAM Recorders
  • DVD+R Recorders
  • DVD+RW Recorders

Joint Licensing Program

Many of Pioneer's DVD patents are available for licensing through joint licensing programs administered by One-Red LLC. Please use the web links provided below for more information on licenses under Pioneer DVD patents available through One-Red LLC.

Pioneer Separate License Program

Pioneer's essential DVD patents can alternatively be licensed separately from a 4C DVD patent license, by directly contacting Pioneer.  Please note that in addition to licenses under Pioneer's essential patents, licenses from other companies that own patents related to DVD technology may also be required.

Basic Terms and Conditions

Patent Lists

Pioneer's Essential Patents for DVD-ROM Discs and DVD-Video Discs

Pioneer's Essential Patents for DVD-ROM Players and DVD-Video Players

Pioneer's Essential Patents for DVD Recordable Media

Pioneer's Essential Patents for DVD Recorders

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