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High-Quality and Low Cost Mechatronics Designed by Integrated Manufacturing System

'Mechatronics' is a mechanism controlled by software and electronics. Represented by disc drive and display tilting mechanism, mechatronics pervade our daily life. Especially for automobile industry, to fulfill requirements of long life, anti-vibration and heat-resistance capacities, Tohoku Pioneer has achieved flexible manufacturing management based on our broad techniques, skills and knowledges.

  • Development capability to integrate mechanism, circuit and software technologies
  • Integrated manufacturing system of molding, component and product manufacturing
  • Mass production maintaining high quality (10million unit/year)

More than about 50 years of experience allows Tohoku Pioneer to provide high-quality and low-cost automobile mechatronic products to our global customers.


Tohoku Pioneer is capable of producing products from very beginning of planning through designing, developping and assembling to pre-shipping inspection.
It is also possible, as per customer's request, to offer services including parts purchase and logistics supported by Tohoku Pioneer's global team as well as local parts purchase, tooling production and in-house parts production.

Group Companies