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Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

University-Industry Joint Project with Tohoku University of Art & Design

Starting from 2011, Tohoku Pioneer has been supporting students in Product Design Department of Tohoku University of Art & Design to create their graduation products. Together we develop students' original and innovative ideas into a real product. The mechanisms of collaborative design always attract many people every year.

Tohoku University of Art & Design

FY2015 "KAIKA(Flowering)"
This is a desk lamp having different shapes for different use. On indirect lighting mode, the shade closes to be a cubic shape. Once the shade opens like an umbrella, it changes the role to a reading light.

FY2015 "Spread Table"
Size-changeable table for various purposes. This table expands the area to double by moving three-layer structured geometric boards in three dimensions.

FY2014 "Limu"
This is a table lamp with bluetooth speaker with touch sensor on the top. When you tap the dome, it becomes indirect lighting mode. When you touch longer, it becomes a reading light. In reading light mode, you can also adjust the brightness.

FY2014 "WAN(Bowl)"
A bluetooth speaker having Japanese classical atmosphere, "WA(和)". Touch roundly around the sensor to control the speaker. When you play the music, the enclosure deforms to increase the volume and it offers the best sound quality.

FY2013 "Feel Motion OLED"
Three-dimensional interior lighting units. Those units are linked to a controller with a same shape. When you change the shape of controller, lighting units also change the shape and color. The controller also has an electric assisted system and you can feel assisted motion.

A table can be divided into four areas by electrically rising partition. It suits for both group users and an individual user.

FY2012 "NOFF"
A wall-hanging bluetooth speaker. When it detects music data from portable music devices, speakers automatically slide to both side and it emphasizes stereo effect. You will enjoy the listening experience with ON/OFF deform action.

FY2011 "Mechatronic Furniture"
When you put a hand closer to a mirror, side mirrors move forward smoothly and it becomes a three-sided mirror. This touchless-control system can be a problem-solution product that you can keep a mirror clean.

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