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Mechatronics R&D Examples

Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

Display Tilt Mechanism for Car Navigation

Tohoku Pioneer offers tilting mechanism of display panel for car navigation. It can easily apply different panel size because of a separated gear unit and a driving frame.

Head-Up Display Mechanism for Car Interiors

Head-Up Display(HUD) is a display system which projects any important driving information, like speed meter and navigation direction, on transparent panel ahead of a driver. Drivers can control easily to tilt the panel and to store it inside a dashboard if necessary. To meet our customers' demands, Tohoku Pioneer delivers continuous development on this system.

Open-Close Cupholder Mechanism for Car Interiors

Tohoku Pioneer provides luxurious cupholder having open-close mechanism. Cover itself has a switch and drivers can enjoy power-assisted movement when they open or close the cover. This mechanism also has a defect finder function so as not to get a finger caught in sliding cover.

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