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OLED Display Applications – Suggestions

We are the professionals in the field of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology. The following are our ideas for making use of the features of OLED.
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Smart speaker

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OLED Display Applications – Examples

Tohoku Pioneer's OLED displays are used in a wide range of product categories in various industries. The following are examples of OLED displays used in some products.

Wearable Devices for Healthcare

  • WristbandsWristbands
  • Smart WatchesSmart Watches
  • AccessoriesAccessories

Audio Systems

  • Network PlayersNetwork Players
  • Portable PlayersPortable Players
  • Headphone AmplifiersHeadphone Amplifiers
  • Portable RecordersPortable Recorders

Communication Equipment

  • Wireless Mobile RoutersWireless Mobile Routers
  • Sub Displays for Cellular PhonesSub Displays for
    Cellular Phones

Household Equipment

  • Remote ControlsRemote Controls

Vehicle Equipment

  • Car Audio SystemsCar Audio Systems
    (Heating, Ventilating,
    and Air Conditioning)

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※Tohoku Pioneer succeeded in the world's first mass production of OLED displays in 1997.
Tohoku Pioneer plans volume production of OLEDs | EE Times

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