Comparison of OLED with LCD

High Contrast

OLED has greatly superior, sharper graphics.


OLED is able to produce True Black because the black areas are nonlight emitting.


As the alignment of LC molecules blocks out the backlight, there is light leakage. LCD can not realize True Black.

* The above features are image graphics.

OLED achieves high contrast because its self-emission technology enables it to produce True Black.

Wide Viewing Angle

OLED is easily viewable.

OLED's features such as thin layer configuration and self-emission
make it possible to obtain even luminance from any viewing angle.

Fast Response

OLED produces clear-cut graphics.



* The above features are image graphics.

While LCD produces graphics by controlling the alignment of LC molecules which are transmitted through backlights,
OLED has light emitting devices and achieves shorter response time.

No afterimages remain in quick moving graphics with OLED.

The Response time of OLED is 1/1,000 of LCD.

Thin and Lightweight

OLED is more adaptable to design layout.



* The above features are image graphics.

No backlights are required, therefore, OLED can be thinner and more lightweight.

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* Tohoku Pioneer succeeded in the world's first mass production of OLED displays in 1997.

Tohoku Pioneer plans volume production of OLEDs | EE Times