Speakers Overview

From high-end speakers for car use to those found in cell phones
- we are the professionals of speaker production

Car speakers R&D and manufacturing are the main focus of our Speaker Business Unit. The Pioneer brand, which has the largest market share, represents the highest quality speaker available in the world. Speakers of varying specifications are also produced at all our manufacturing plants worldwide for use by car manufactures such as original equipment manufacturing (OEM) products.

Other products include the finest quality studio monitor speakers "Technical Audio Devices (TAD) " and home speakers, as well as the ever-increasing number of ultralight mini-speakers used in cell phones and notebook computers. These multipurpose speakers boast exceptional quality and reliability, and are produced with unsurpassed technologies and know-how.

Not only is "sound " a means of relaying much needed information to the listener, but it also inspires every one of us and is indeed something we cannot live without. We are the number one manufacturer of "sound" emanating speakers and we plan to advance further than ever before.