Global Warming Prevention Activities

Concept Related to Global Warming Measures

Pioneer is engaged in global warming issues based on a basic concept that companies live up to their social responsibilities with respect to sustainable development. Energy consumption used for corporate activities, we recognize that it's one of the causes of global warming. Pioneer will continue to be engaged in reduction of energy which is consumed by our business activities in a rational planned manner.
In addition, Pioneer considers risks and opportunities in response to climate change as management issues, recognizes its own standing position, and engages in issues from the two perspectives of highly efficient production (energy saving) and supply chains (indirect fields).

Targets Setting for Activities of Global Warming Prevention

The target values for global warming countermeasures in offices and plants promoted by the Pioneer Group have been set in consideration of commitments to stakeholders. In large–scale offices and plants, activities are promoted according to the framework of the Energy Saving Act, however, some offices or plants mainly focus on global warming countermeasures promoted by local government.

The Kawagoe Plant participates in the Target Setting Type Emission Trading System of Saitama Prefecture. It has conducted reduction activities in line with reduction targets determined by the manufacturing industry and achieved its targets without depending on emissions trading.

Furthermore, the electrical and electronic industries set common voluntary targets and started global warming countermeasures across entire industries based on Keidanren's Commitment to a Low Carbon Society. Pioneer also registered for participation. With 2012 as the basis year by original unit evaluation index, we are promoting activities to achieve our targets in 2020.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

In comparison to the previous fiscal year, the greenhouse gas emissions in the fiscal 2018 decreased by approximately 3% in pioneer groups. The amount of greenhouse gases in both Japan and overseas, there is the impact of the emission factor of electricity .

Greenhouse gases emissions (in Japan)

Greenhouse gases emissions (Overseas)

  • Scope 1: CO2 emissions were calculated based on the amount of fuel used to equipment stationary combustion diesel generator, gas turbine generators, boilers, etc.
  • Scope2 : Electricity (Japan) : CO2 emissions were calculated based on emission factor after adjustment for each electric power company. (Overseas) : We used the data (Emission Factors from Cross-Sector Tools) in 2009 that have been published from GHG Protocol. For locations in Belgium the CO2 emissions was set to zero because it contracts with power companies to supply green energy.
  • Scope 3 : Gasoline and diesel fuel were aggregated for the company-owned cars.
  • PFC or HFC : For greenhouse gases other than CO2 (SF6, CH3, PFCs, HFCs, N2O) is converted to an aggregate amount of CO2 emissions in the production process. (Emissions in the semiconductor production process mainly)

Energy consumption

Changes in GHG reduction (Pioneer group)

Pioneer set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emitted from offices and plants by 10% by March 2020 in CO2tonnes per sales amount as of the fiscal 2010 as the basis year. We analyze the results to utilize further activities.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions include gasoline for company-owned cars and greenhouse gases other than CO2. Sales amounts are consolidated net sales.

For other detailed data, please see here.

Pioneer Group Environmental Data 2020(PDF 463 KB)

Introduction of Renewable Energy

Electric power makes up 92% of the energy use of the Pioneer Group (actual value of the fiscal 2017) Most of the power is purchased from power companies. If greenhouse gas emitted at the time of power generation is considered, electric power quality should also be taken into account. In regard to the introduction of renewable energy in Japan, solar power generating equipment for 150 kW has been installed at Pioneer Microtechnology Corp. (Yamanashi Prefecture) and that for 30 kW has been installed at the Kawagoe Plant and these are being used on a trial basis. In regard to overseas, power for PEE (a corporation for Europe corporate supervision and sales in Belgium )* is purchased from a power company that generates 100% of the power from renewable energies (wind, solar, and biomass).

Pioneer Europe NV

Solar generation equipment
in Kawagoe plant

Example of Energy Saving Activities

Energy Saving by Changing to LED Lighting

PTM (production corporation in Thailand)* is replacing their lighting with LED lamps. By changing the lighting during the production process from the conventional fluorescent lamps to LEDs, Pioneer realized electricity savings of 286,000 kWh in year.

Pioneer Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Example of Activity for Global Warming Prevention

With the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Tohoku Pioneer Corporation switched from two boilers for heating and dishwashing to four high-performance compact boilers in December 2016.Through this, the Company expects to reduce the amount of A heavy oil used annually by 10.4 KL, which translates to a reduction of 28 tonnes of CO2 emissions.