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Summary of Q & A Session


What do you mean by significant revision measures in the OEM business of Car Electronics?
In the OEM business, while a certain level of effects has been obtained by implementing measures such as raising the efficiency of development and manufacturing, and reducing the cost of sales, improvements in profitability have been delayed as the burden of investment in development for large scale orders have increased. Also, from the perspective of how we can provide good products to customers by strengthening our value proposition capabilities, we are currently actively examining and discussing initiatives, including joint ventures with business partners.
What is your plan of this fiscal year for the consumer market business of Car Electronics?
We aim to increase sales centered on emerging countries by measures such as the timely launch of new products and enhancement of our product lineup in a way that matches the needs of the market.
What fields will you focus on going forward?
We will focus on the solution business that leverages our strength of having technological capabilities in both hardware and software. Telematics services for automobile insurance, and business-use services for the delivery and transportation industry that combine navigation and cloud services have taken off, and new business opportunities in the map business are also emerging. Also, autonomous driving is an important field for future growth, and we will thoroughly implement initiatives in the field including necessary investments.

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