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Summary of Q & A Session


What are the key points of measures taken by President Moriya since he took office in June?
Going forward, the key points that we will work on are: 1) Significant revision to the OEM business in Car Electronics, 2) Reallocation of management resources including technological ones, 3) Improvement of operational accuracy and strengthening of management structure, and 4) Generation of free cash flows. Discussions and negotiations are underway regarding the revision to the OEM business, aiming for an announcement around this fall. Management resources are being steadily reallocated by shifting to new businesses and growth fields such as telematics services and autonomous driving. Through the sharing of my thoughts and current issues and frank discussions with employees, I shall work towards creating a new Pioneer.
How were the results of the consumer market business in Car Electronics in 1Q?
In 1Q, overall performance was largely as expected, owing to favorable sales of telematics services, despite the impact mainly of weak economic conditions and local currencies in Central and South America. From 2Q onward, besides progress in the introduction of new car AV products, we also expect the recovery of emerging markets in the second half.
What are the details of the second-generation 3D-LiDAR sensor, scheduled to be shipped in September?
Positioned as the "2018 model," we will elevate its performance to a level that satisfies use and evaluation as a practical product. As its usage potential is expanding beyond automobiles, we will work to stimulate further demand for it.

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