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Summary of Q & A Session


Why was the definitive agreement with the sponsor not executed at the end of October as scheduled initially?
As we are thoroughly discussing details such as the future direction with the sponsor, it is taking longer than expected. However, we are continuing consultations and discussions to execute a definitive agreement with them.
What is the status of significant revision measures in the OEM business that are being considered?
While conducting various consultations and discussions, we have determined that it is necessary to carry out improvement measures not only in the OEM business but on a group-wide basis. Going forward, we will focus on the early restoration of the financial base, business and structural reforms on a group-wide basis, and the enhancement of the corporate governance system.
In the business forecasts for the full-year, why was the forecast for operating income/loss left unchanged while that for net sales was revised downward by 30.0 billion yen?
Despite lower profit due to a decrease in net sales, the forecast for operating income/loss was left unchanged as a decrease in depreciation and amortization as well as a reduction in costs, including in R&D expenses, are expected.
Why was the full-year forecast for depreciation and amortization revised?
In addition to reviews of investment schedule, due to a review of the amortization period to match the sales period in some parts of the OEM business, the forecast has been revised downward by 4.0 billion yen.
How are the situations of the consumer market business in Car Electronics?
Due to the impact of weak local currencies and market conditions mainly in emerging markets, net sales for the first half of the fiscal year fell short of our plan, and full-year sales plan was revised mainly in Central and South America and the ASEAN region.
Why was there a significant year-on-year increase in the operating income of Others business in 2Q? Will this effect continue in the second half of the fiscal year onward?
While FA systems contributed significantly to operating income in 2Q, they will become a decreasing factor in the second half of the fiscal year due to a business transfer.

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