Environmental Activities

Progress of Activities



24-Jan Pioneer FA Tree planting with Prize Money from Pioneer Environmental Contribution Award


25-NovTowada Pioneer Corporation received the award of excellence in the 2010 Eco-drive Contest
25-NovYamada Junior High School receives Pioneer Environmental Contribution Award
5-OctPioneer GomiZero 1st Quarter(2010) activities
19-SepPioneer's headquarters Participates in "Nature festival"
20-JulLight-down campaign


11-Nov Forestation/Tree-Planting Activities (PBL)
14-Oct New Environmental Technology Permanent Exhibition in China
13-Sep Pioneer acquires integrated ISO 14001 certification for all domestic group companies
11-Sep Environment Monthly Photo Contest (Kawasaki Plant)
17-Jun PFA Winner of Sainokuni Green Plan Award
14-Jun Participation in "Festakankyo in Megro 2009"
4-Feb Environmental Lessons on Demand by Tohoku Pioneer’s Yonezawa Plant
20-Jan PTM got Prime Minister Industry Award 2008 (Thailand)
20-Jan MPT got award at Malaysian National Quality Environment Convention


14-Feb Lecture on Environmental Activities at Tokyo Metropolitan University
29-May World Environment Conference 2008


16-Oct Pioneer Acquires Company-wide Integrated ISO14001 Certification (News Release)


2-Feb Pioneer becomes a Partner Company of the Sustain Energy Europe 2005-2008 Campaign


18-Oct Open House 10th ANNIVERSARY was held at plant in Portugal
8-Jul The tree plantation for commemoration with Wat Thong School students in Thailand
28-Jan PTW(Taiwan) Engages in Corporate Citizen Activities through Garbage Clean-up and PC Contributions
27-Jan Pioneer PDP-435SX 43-inch Digital HD Plasma TV Wins the 2004 ECCJ Chairman’s Award (News Release)


21-Oct MND(CHINA) Holds First "No-Trash Campaign" in Industrial Zone
19-Jan MPT (MALAYSIA) Receives Appreciation Award For Its Support in Recycling Activity


Before 2011

Pioneer's History of Environmental Preservation

Management Details related to environmental management
Products Details related to creation of environment-friendly products
Site Details related to environmental initiatives of offices and plants
Year Month Matter
2012 April Management Pioneer GomiZero 1st Quarter activities were spread from within Japan to the world
2011 November Site Towada Pioneer received the award of excellence in the Ecodrive Concours
2010 November Site Towada Pioneer won Excellent Award in Ecological-drive contest
Products Cyber Navi won Green IT AWARD and Green Purchasing Award
April Management Pioneer GomiZero 1st Quarter activities is put into effect.
2009 November Products Demand Bus System wins Green Purchasing Award
September Management Integrated ISO14001 certification at Pioneer Group companies nationwide
2008 December Products Cyber Navi AVIC-VH9000 won Eco-Products Award
August Products Established Advanced Eco-Model certification system
2007 August Management ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management systems in all Pioneer Group was integrated.
February Site The installation of a 150kW photovoltaic power system at Pioneer Micro Technology Corporation.
2006 February Management Awarded Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award in the Green Purchasing Awards.
2005 February Products Plasma TV (PDP-435SX) awarded Energy Conservation Grand Prix.
February Management ISO 14001 certification is completed at all sites worldwide.
2004 December Products Corn starch resin optical discs were introduced to the public in Eco-Products 2004.
May Management Environment Managers' Conference head in the World Environment Conference.
March Management The China regional headquarters obtained ISO14001 certification.
January Management Completed achieving ISO14001 certification for all the European region corporations.
2003 November Management Established the Environmental Preservation Group and inaugurated the Eco Products Division
November Management Conducted an Opinion Exchange Forum for third parties about the Environmental Report.
March Management The North America and Asian headquarters achieved ISO14001 certification.
2002 November Management Newly established Chinese production company begins ISO14001 acquisition.
June Products Mini Rakura DVD player launched as the first product of the internal Eco Champion Support System.
May Management First World Environment Conference held.
March Products In-company Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system is established.
March Products Full-scale introduction of lead-free solder to products manufactured in Japan begins.
March Management European headquarters obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2001 October Site Publication of site reports begins.
April Management Environmental Accounting system is introduced, and its introduction to overseas plants commences.
March Management ISO 14001 certification is completed at all of Pioneer's main manufacturing facilities worldwide.
March Management Pioneer Headquarters obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2000 December Products Pioneer participates in Eco Products Expo Japan.
October Management Awards ceremony for the First Pioneer Environment Contribution Awards is held.
July Products Green Procurement Standards are published.
June Management Public announcements of environmental accounting begin.
1999 June Management First issue of the Pioneer Environmental Report is published.
March Management ISO 14001 certification is completed at all Pioneer design and manufacturing facilities in Japan.
1998 November Products Products with lead-free solder go on sale.
October Management Pioneer Environmental Label is established.
June Management Division of Environmental Preservation is established with a full-time director in charge.
1996 June Management Tokorozawa Plant obtains ISO 14001 certification (the first in the Pioneer Group).
March Management HCFCs (substitute for CFCs) are eliminated from all Pioneer Group manufacturing processes
1995 June Management A Pioneer director is named to take charge of environmental affairs.
1993 February Products Use of collapsible cardboard packaging for A/V products is adopted.
February Site Collection and recycling activity of the Ni-Cd battery begin in Japan.
1992 November Management Environmental Preservation Policies are established as an Environmental Charter.
September Products Product assessments are begun for all electrical appliances.
March Site CFCs are completely eliminated from Pioneer Group manufacturing processes.
1991 July Management Company-wide Pioneer Environmental Conservation Committee is established.
1990 December Products Use of molded pulp (shock absorbing material made from recycled paper) for packing car stereo components begins.
1989 Spring Products Examination into substitutes for styrene foam packaging begins.