Pioneer's R&D Efforts

Pioneer’s research and development (R&D) mainly anticipates the future of the Car Electronics business and utilizes our strengths in optics, audio, signal processing, and information processing. We are engaged in technologies related to the advancement and systemization of the in-vehicle functions, the sensing environment inside and outside of vehicles, and information network services and map data generation mainly for autonomous driving that use the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). We are also working on technologies for assisting drivers, such as by predicting their behavior, monitoring their biological information, and sophisticated human machine interface (HMI). In this way, we provide a reliable, safe, and comfortable driving experience, and grow and expand our businesses by strengthening our technological competitiveness for the age of autonomous driving.

We also actively conduct R&D in the area of medical and health care-related devices, which we are cultivating as new businesses. We seek the early creation of new value by expanding our strengths in new business fields and undertaking joint research and alliances with universities, public research institutions, and other private companies.