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May 12, 2004
Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer to Launch New HDD-based "CYBER NAVI" Car Navigation Systems in JapanOffering a new, sophisticated in-car lifestyle with upgraded "Agent" function



May 12, 2004, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today that new HDD-based "CYBER NAVI" car navigation systems, AVIC-ZH900MD, AVIC-ZH900, AVIC-XH900 and AVIC-H900, will be available between late June and late July 2004 in Japan. The AVIC-ZH900MD and AVIC-ZH900 are 2DIN-type DSP-control AV navigation auto servers with a built-in 7-inch wide touch-screen TV. The AVIC-XH900 is a 1DIN-type navigation auto server with an on-dash 7-inch wide touch-screen TV. The AVIC-H900 is a navigation auto server (without a monitor). The monthly production will be 12,000 units, 4,000 units, 2,500 units, and 2,500 units for the respective models. The suggested retail prices are ¥388,500, ¥367,500, ¥315,000, and ¥220,500 (including tax), respectively.

In 2003, Pioneer first introduced the "Agent" function into its HDD-based Cyber Navi car navigation systems, a new concept in car navigation that automatically tracked and stored the preferences and driving/operating patterns of individual drivers.

The new Cyber Navi models offer a further improved "Agent" feature, with new functions such as "Traffic Congestion Forecast" and "Feeling Play". Especially, the 2-DIN type models realize a perfect combination of navigation, audio and video functions under the control of the upgraded "Agent" function. In addition to that, all four models employ the removable Brain Unit (the car computer section + HDD), which can be removed from the main navigation system, to enable users to make a driving plan and enjoy HDD-stored music in their homes.

Main features

1 ) Upgraded "Agent" controls audio and video features as well as navigation functions.

  • "Traffic Congestion Forecast"
    This function utilizes the congestion forecast data*1 stored in the HDD, based on extensive congestion data in the past including congestion by season, date, time, etc., to offer a variety of new, useful navigation functions:
  1. "Congestion Forecast Map" to display congestion forecast information for a desired date and time on the map.
  2. "Congestion Forecast Route Search" to suggest more appropriate routes by using not only the current traffic information but also the congestion forecast data.
  3. "Required Time Forecast" to calculate and display the required time to reach the destination based on congestion forecast data and the current traffic information.
  • "Drive Planner"
    This function generates and manages a detailed driving plan, considering the driver's preferences and current conditions:
    - When the driver enters specific information, such as the date, time, companions and destination, the Drive Planner suggests a driving plan that includes the best places to visit and best route with less congestion, based on the congestion forecast data.
    - This function can be used both for one-day trips and overnight journeys.
  • "Feeling Play"
    This industry's first*2 function automatically selects and plays the music from the music database stored in the HDD based on the driver's preference. The built-in high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) extracts the typical rhythm and harmony of tracks and stored in the HDD, while they are recorded from a CD to the HDD. The Feeling Play automatically selects and plays the music in accordance with the musical mood that the driver chooses (cheerful, high-tempo, quiet, sad and healing). It also "learns" each driver's preference in music via an interface that allows the driver to indicate whether or not certain musical selections match the designated modes. The more this feature is used, the more accurately the Feeling Play can select music to suit a driver's wishes.

2 ) "Solid City Map" depicts city streets in 3D.

The Solid City Map realistically displays the details of certain cities' landmarks along city streets and expressways, such as the height of buildings, wall exteriors, billboards, traffic signals, pedestrian bridges and surrounding land topography. It can be also used in the enlarged view of intersections along city streets of certain areas.

3 ) Superior audio/video functions and performance

  • "Auto Integral Sound System" (for AVIC-ZH900MD and AVIC-ZH900)
    This performs 336-step fine auto-tuning in just a few minutes, using the "Auto Time Alignment" and "Auto Equalizer" to produce the optimal sound field for each car.
  • "4x Simultaneous Recording onto the HDD"
    This function allows fast recording of about 200 CDs, or about 2,000 tracks, onto the large-capacity 30GB HDD (calculated at approx. 60 min. playing time per CD). The built-in high-performance DSP allows tracks recorded to be played*3 even during 4x recording.
  • Direct control of 5.1-channel DSP unit
    The AVIC-ZH900MD and AVIC-ZH900 allow direct control of the separately sold 5.1-channel DEQ-P9 DSP unit to realize an ideal acoustic space filled with a 5.1-channel dynamic surround sound.

4 ) Users can enjoy a wealth of features of HDD-based "Cyber Navi" in their homes.

The "Brain Unit", consisting of the new models' car computer section and the large-capacity HDD, can be removed from the navigation system to use in the home.

  • The driver can plan routes using the "Traffic Congestion Forecast" or listen to the music stored in the HDD, at the living room.
  • The Brain Unit supports broadband connectivity*4, allowing users to have access to the Internet site Gracenote's CDDB*5 to download the title data, as well as other Internet service sites such as Weather Live and Live Magazine*6 to obtain seasonal event information.

5 ) Other cutting-edge technologies

  • Map-matching at an astonishing rate of 10 times per second (10Hz positioning) ensures beautifully smooth tracking on the map. The further improved "IQ High Accuracy" precisely shows the car's current position on the map.
  • Toll Controlled Route Search allows users to specify a maximum toll amount during the route search mode.
  • The music server is equipped with the "Digest Scan"*7 that plays each track's theme for 15 seconds, automatically extracted from the original track when the tracks are recorded.This allows users to listen to only each track's theme part, like on TV or radio countdown programs.
  • The AVIC-ZH900MD, AVIC-ZH900 and AVIC-XH900 are equipped with pressure-sensitive touch-screen panels. They are standard-equipped with remote controls that use newly developed universal pads to enable precise, intuitive operation.
  • DVD Video, DVD-R and DVD-RW (video mode) discs, music CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs (WMA*8/MP3 supported) can be enjoyed in the car. The models are equipped with rear-monitor output jacks for use when a monitor is installed in the rear seating area (except for AVIC-H900).
  • "PURE BLUE" organic EL display used in the AVIC-ZH900MD and AVIC-ZH900 boosts ease of operation and visibility during audio playback.
  • The AVIC-ZH900MD, AVIC-ZH900 and AVIC-XH900 come with a newly developed diversity film antenna equipped with a booster amp for TV and FM multiplex broadcasts, ensuring high reception sensitivity without affecting the external appearance of the car.


*1 Traffic congestion forecast information, provided by Increment P Corporation, is available along routes where travel time information is available from the VICS information.
*2 According to Pioneer's survey, as of May 12, 2004.
*3 All recordings from CD to the HDD is at 4x speed. Playback during recording is available from tracks already recorded in the HDD.
*4 Broadband connection requires broadband-related products designated for the HDD-based Cyber Navi from Planex Communications, Inc. The necessary products depend on the broadband environment of the home. For further information, please contact Planex Communications at toll-free 0120-415976 (within Japan) or visit
*5 CDDB is a registered trademark of Gracenote.
*6 Use of "Live Magazine" requires a contract with the service provider and registration.
*7 The theme sections of musical tracks are played only if they have been detected during recording.
*8 WMA (Windows Media™ Audio): Windows Media™ is a registered trade mark or trade mark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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