Verification Laboratory

Ensures that BD/DVD products are manufactured
to meet the technical standards on the formats.

In 1999 Pioneer established a DVD Class-A Laboratory endorsed by the DVD Forum to promote the production and diffusion of DVD products. Focusing on BD products, Pioneer also established the BD Testing Center in 2006, which is recognized by the BD Association.
The Laboratory cooperates with the laboratories of many major companies from around the world to strictly measure and analyze BD/DVD products - such as BD/DVD recorders, drives, discs - for conformity with format standards.
In addition, the laboratory provides technological support for the verification and evaluation of new formats so as to preserve the integrity of the BD/DVD logotypes and ensure compatibility in the marketplace. Through these activities, Pioneer contributes to improve the quality of BD/DVD products.
Pioneer will supply you careful and sufficient verification services for your first BD/DVD production model.

BD Testing Center

  • BD Verification: Format Verification conforming to the BD Formats
  • Providing BD test tools
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DVD Class-A Laboratory

  • DVD Verification: Format Verification conforming to the DVD Formats
  • Providing DVD test tools

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AACS Authorized Certification Entity (ACE)

  • Compliance Testing specified in the AACS Adopter Agreement
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Pioneer Verification Laboratory
Address: 5-5, Koishikawa 5-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002, Japan
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