Pioneer’s Design Identity and Philosophy

Design Identity


Advanced designs
that evolve into next-generation standards

Pioneer designs advanced products and services
that remain relevant under fast social and lifestyle changes
and evolve into next-generation standards.

Design Philosophy 1

Stay abreast of social
and lifestyle needs

We stay abreast of social and lifestyle needs to gain insights into the true meaning of products and services we design.

Design Philosophy 2

Exercise ingenuity
and resourcefulness

We take a farsighted perspective to ideation
to create amazing and compelling user experiences.

Design Philosophy 3

Put a straightforward
design into practice

We use a design that faithfully reflects the key concept of each product and constantly refine it to the highest level possible.

Design Philosophy 4

Pursue shared value
and excellence

We share and nurture the value of design excellence with diverse shareholders
and pass it along to future generations.


Message from the Design Chief

Delivering Amazing and Emotionally Uplifting Experiences to You

Pioneer has been known for decades for creating and delivering many world’s first products and industry-leading services, and is committed to continuing this hard-earned tradition of excellence. This applies to Pioneer’s industrial and UX design team.

Our design identity is to design advanced products and services that evolve into next-generation standards.

As outlined above, we embrace four design philosophies: (1) Stay abreast of customer needs; (2) Exercise ingenuity and resourcefulness; (3) Put a straightforward design into practice; and (4) Pursue shared value and excellence. These philosophies collectively represent our unwavering commitment to broaden our perspectives and playing fields.

We believe in the potential and power of designs and encourage every member of the design team to exercise ingenuity and inquisitiveness, so that we will continue to deliver even greater value to you.

Junichi Tanaka
General Manager of the Design Department
Pioneer Corporation