Advanced Technologies
driven by Pioneer’s DNA

Since its founding in 1938, Pioneer has leveraged its proprietary technologies in sound and optical fields
to create and deliver a series of world’s first and industry’s first products and services.
Today, fast-paced technological advances enable people to access
increasingly vast amounts of information in the mobility environment.
At the same time, people express diverse values and lifestyles not seen before.

Pioneer is committed to developing technologies to continue to create
and deliver products and services that meet your individual needs on the road.
Those products and services bring you novel value and emotionally uplifting experiences,
illustrating the future direction of mobility experiences.

Developing Future-looking Technologies

Create value in the mobility field
with the combination of groundbreaking hardware products and services

We use AI technology and massive amounts of data fed from in-car devices to take technologies
for behavior and situational prediction on the road to the next level.
By combining these technologies with a sophisticated HMI* and services,
we make your mobility experiences safer, smarter, and more comfortable.

*HMI: Human machine interface is a collective term to denote a variety of means, devices, and software that enable the interchange of information between humans and machines.

IVI1 technology for next-generation vehicles

We are working to develop automobile multimedia software packages that will integrate more robust hardware design processes
and components of an IVI system, such as navigation, audio, and network connectivity, and will work on a variety of in-car platforms
in an emerging CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electrification) environment.

Main unit
  • Navigation
  • Display audio
  • Car audio
  • Communication module
  • HUD
  • Dashcam

Integrated dashbboard
Integrated ECU2

*These renderings are a designer's concept.

1. IVI: In-vehicle infotainment. It is a collective term for in-vehicle systems that provide information and entertainment to the drivers and passengers.

2. ECU: Electronic control unit. It is a collective term for units that electronically control a variety of functions available on board vehicles.

Connected services and data-driven solutions

We are developing in-house AI and data application technologies driven by a massive amount of digital data
we have accumulated on driving routes, traffic conditions, and maps.
These technologies are designed to create new services for consumers and help resolve social issues.

Next-level HMI solutions

We are also working to develop next-level HMI technology and solutions, which will bring enhanced
entertainment experience, comfort, and safety into an increasingly complex and sophisticated in-car environment.
They will also provide a variety of experiential value optimized for constantly changing driving conditions
as well as the needs of the driver and passengers.

Core technologies for next-generation mobility solutions

Fast-paced advances in AI and sensors provide us with the basis for refining our image-recognition and data-analytics technologies.
They serve as core enablers for next-generation solutions to bring you novel value and emotionally uplifting experiences.

Making R&D Achievements Public

  • Academic conferences

    We share research results
    at academic conferences.

  • Research papers

    We publish papers
    to report research findings.