CSV Initiatives

Solving social issues
to promote sustainable growth
Pioneer’s Creating Shared Value

What should we aim to do to meet society’s expectations?
We at Pioneer believe it is our mission to help solve problems in the mobility domain,
which we have been developing our businesses for a long time.
We aim to continuously increase corporate value by actively taking on new challenges as our businesses grow.

  • Special Feature 1
    Piomatix, a mobility AI platform that creates the future of mobility experiences
  • Special Feature 2
    NP1, a conversational
    driving partner
  • Special Feature 3
    Vehicle Assist contributes to overall efficiency and safety of society,
    and environmental protection
  • Special Feature 4
    Piomatix for Green, Helping to Achieve Carbon Neutrality with Technologies to Estimate and Predict fuel economy and electricity mileages of vehicles
  • Special Feature 5
    Smaller and Lighter Car Speakers, contributing to Achievement of Carbon Neutrality