Special Feature 2: NP1,
a Conversational Driving Partner

Related SDGs 3 Good health and well-being: Reduction of traffic accidents by issuing heads-ups, 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Expansion of technological 
			innovation, 11 Sustainable cities and communities: Mobility support for elderly drivers
Related SDGs
3 Good health and well-being
Reduction of traffic accidents by issuing heads-ups
9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Expansion of technological innovation
11 Sustainable cities and communities
Mobility support for elderly drivers

NP1 is our first product equipped with Piomatix, which embodies our Group Vision of “Creating the Future of Mobility Experiences.” The navigation guidance function is operated purely by voice so it is as easy to understand as if someone was navigating from the passenger seat. It liberates the driver from any stress while driving and realizes a “new normal” in-vehicle space.

New product: NP1

New product: NP1

This first product equipped with our new Piomatix is like a partner who transforms driving into something completely different through voice and communication.

Aim to Solve Various Social Issues
through Diverse Functionality and Growth

The NP1 has multiple functions that are all operated entirely through voice, such as Smart Voice Navi, Cloud Drive Recorder, Car Wi-Fi, Drive Call, and Drive Topics. The NP1 will help advance the provision and evolution of various services through communication and is also capable of self-growth by adapting itself to individual drivers. NP1 will enable us to help solve problems in a wide range of fields, such as reducing stress while driving and improving safety, realizing a safe and friendly driving environment for elderly drivers, and promoting regional revitalization through improved mobility experiences.

Going forward, we also intend to make a broader economic contribution by developing the product for local governments and businesses. Our ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable growth as a business while also solving problems.

1Reduce Stress and Improve Safety While Driving

By providing only immediately necessary information through voice and enabling mechanisms to be operated entirely through voice commands, this system allows drivers to concentrate on driving, frees drivers from stress caused by information overloads when on the move, and helps ensure the safety of pedestrians, surrounding areas, and the driver him/herself.

2Realize a Safe, Friendly Driving Environment for Elderly Drivers

We are able to avoid dangerous driving and accidents by supporting the movement of less-confident elderly drivers through driving technology diagnosis, scoring, and protective monitoring services. As the population ages, we expect these solutions will help address social issues such as when a driving license should be voluntarily relinquished due to old age, etc.

3Promote Regional Revitalization Through Improved Mobility Experiences

NP1 can facilitate smooth mobility at travel destinations. It will also enable local governments seeking to promote tourism and revitalize regions to guide drivers of personal or rental cars fitted with NP1 by sending up-to-date information on local sightseeing spots, gourmet restaurants, and events, etc.

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