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Pioneer’s Social Media Policy

Pioneer's Policy on Social Media

Pioneer’s social media policy provides explicit guidelines that every employee must follow when posing on its official social media accounts.

Basic Policy

When posting on social media, Pioneer employees must comply with applicable laws and regulations, and communicate with the public in a manner consistent with the Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations and the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct.

The Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations

The Pioneer Group Code of Conduct

We post information in a professional and responsible manner expected of Pioneer Group employees

  • Post information and respond to comments in a manner that does not mislead or confuse the public.
  • Respect copyrights and portrait rights of their respective owners.
  • Follow internal rules and manuals to put this policy into practice.
  • We acknowledge the nature of social media communication.
  • Be attentive to what others say on social media.
  • Acknowledge that many and unspecified people have access to the internet and that no public information can be deleted once posted online.
  • Contribute to the development of online communities by feeding back what we learn from our participation.


Information provided on Pioneer’s official social media accounts may not necessarily represent the company’s official announcements or positions. Pioneer makes official announcements on its corporate website and in press releases.

Inquiry about Pioneer's policy on social media

  • If you have any questions about Pioneer's use of social media, please fill out and send an online form "Comments and Requests about Pioneer Website".