Business Lines

Business Lines

Pioneer Corporation has about 50 subsidiaries and affiliates around the globe and engages primarily in the car electronics business. It leverages its cutting-edge technologies to turn innovative and visionary ideas into industry-leading products and services.

NP Business

Pioneer has been developing a business model that will transform it into a solutions and services company, focused on addressing a wide range of issues arising in the mobility field. As a first step, we have launched the voice-activated conversational driving partner NP1 in the consumer market. The NP1 uses an AI voice assistant and wireless connectivity to provide safer and more comfortable driving experience. Over time, the device adds functional enhancements through over-the-air updates and learns the driver's driving behavior and preference, evolving itself into an even smarter device tailored and personalized for the driver. The NP1 is powered by Piomatix, which is a mobility AI platform developed in-house and has broader applications for exciting new services and solutions.

Data Solutions Business

Over the years, Pioneer has amassed a wealth of mobility data, video data fed from intelligent cameras, and location data. We use these data assets to develop and provide cloud-enabled solutions and play a prominent role in ensuring greater road safety and security. Our Vehicle Assist service communicates with navigation systems and dash cams on board commercial fleets of vehicles and provides sophisticated fleet management, including vehicle tracking and dispatching as well as the monitoring of driver behavior. We offer this service to many corporate subscribers that operate commercial vehicles in the trucking, sales, and nursing-care business.

Consumer Market Business

We have a broad range of in-car products in our lineup, including the carrozzeria series for the Japanese market, navigation systems, audio/video systems, speakers, and dashcams. We also provide on-board Wi-Fi routers for Internet connectivity that enable “connected” in-car experiences.

OEM Business

We supply high-quality navigation systems, audio/video systems, and speakers to leading automakers around the globe. We also use our proprietary leading-edge technologies to develop and offer software applications and solutions to be incorporated into next-generation vehicles.

Sound Business

We apply our proprietary technology assets in acoustics to developing car electronics products for the consumer and OEM business, as well as to fine-tuning the sound field in the car. We also use our technology assets in speaker and enclosure design, as well as in digital acoustic correction, to offer commercial audio solutions, and market TAD-branded high-end speakers and audio components, which have earned critical acclaim worldwide.

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Optical Storage Device Business

We offer Blu-ray/DVD drives for PCs with high-precision reading and writing capabilities, including ones capable of reading Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.