Business Lines

Business Lines

Pioneer Corporation has 50 subsidiaries and affiliates around the globe and engages primarily in the car electronics business. It leverages its cutting-edge technologies to turn innovative and visionary ideas into industry-leading products and services.

Consumer Business

We have a broad range of in-car products in our lineup, including the carrozzeria series for the Japanese market, car navigation systems, audio/video systems and dash cams.
We also have the voice-activated conversational driving partner NP1.

OE Solutions Business

We supply high-performance navigation systems, audio/video systems, and speakers to leading automakers around the globe. We also develop and offer software applications and solutions to be incorporated into next-generation vehicles.

Sound Business

We apply our wealth of technology assets in acoustics to developing and manufacturing sound systems that deliver the highest level of sound excellence. We also provide sound systems that meet the transformative needs of the mobility industry brought about by transitions to EVs and autonomous driving. Our TAD-branded high-end speakers and hi-fi components have earned critical acclaim worldwide, and their design philosophy and technologies are shared in our Consumer and OE Solutions Businesses.

Tohoku Pioneer Corporation


Data Solution Business

Over the years, Pioneer has amassed a wealth of mobility data, video data fed from intelligent cameras, and location data. We use these data assets to develop and provide cloud-enabled solutions and play a prominent role in ensuring greater road safety and security.
In addition to "Piomatix for Green," our proprietary platform for providing eco solutions, combining our technology for estimating gas and electricity mileage of vehicles, and technology for searching for optimal vehicle travel routes, and "Piomatix LBS API," an API service that optimizes vehicle dispatch and delivery routes, we also provide "COCCHi," a car navigation application exclusively for smartphones, and "Vehicle Assist," a cloud-based operation management service for corporate customers.

Pioneer Green Mobility Program

Other Businesses

We offer Blu-ray/DVD drives for PCs with high-precision reading and writing capabilities, including ones capable of reading Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Since Pioneer became the first in the world to establish a technique for mass-producing OLED displays in 1997, we have been developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of OLED displays, including high-contrast, wide-viewing-angle devices and value-added transmissive and ultra-thin OLED panels.