Becoming a company that continues to be selected while balancing our growth and contributing to a sustainable society
  • Message
    Here's a message about Pioneer's sustainability.
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  • ESG Basic Policy
    We will embody the Pioneer Group's corporate motto in our corporate activities and contribute to the development of society.
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  • CSR Reports
    We issue a report summarizing CSR activities .
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  • Environment
    We carry out environmental activities to maintain and improve the global environment and pass it on to the next generation.
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  • Social
    We will contribute to the creation of a better society with our customers, employees and various stakeholders.
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  • Governance
    We will build sincere relationships with our stakeholders and realize continuous corporate development.
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  • Concerts entitled
    "Listen through the Body"
    A music concert for people with hearing difficulties to enjoy music by physically feeling the sounds in a vibrating chair.
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