CSR Basic Policy

Adhering to the ISO26000 international standard, we endeavor to contribute to a better
society through cooperation with all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders,
employees, business partners, and local communities, and are committed to fulfilling our
social responsibility for the seven core subjects of ISO26000.

  • Basic Approach to CSR and
    Value Creation Process
    We will contribute to promoting sustainable social development by seeking to solve social issues through our business and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.
  • Material Issues and Achievements
    To contribute to promoting sustainable social development, we identified material issues. We are working on related initiatives.
  • Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations
    A pioneer in market creation, we work to earn the trust and respect of society.
  • Pioneer Group Code of Conduct
    We are deeply aware of our corporate social responsibilities and act in good faith according to our responsibilities.