Pioneer Group Environmental Policies

This section introduces the Philosophy
of Environmental Preservation
and Environmental Policies
in Pioneer Group.

Philosophy of Environmental Preservation (Established in 1992)

The Pioneer Group deeply recognizes that maintaining and improving the global environment and passing it on to the next generation is one of the missions, and strives to always contribute to the realization of a rich and safe environment.

Environmental Policies in Pioneer (Revised in 2022)

The Pioneer Group shall promote environmental preservation activities through four basic actions to address four key environmental issues.
In order to realize environmental contributions from the perspective of stakeholders, we share the Environmental Policies globally.

The Pioneer Group will make efforts to always contribute to maintaining and realizing the rich and safe global environment through our corporate activities, based on the general understanding that it is one of our corporate missions to maintain, improve, and hand over the global environment to the next generation.

Based on the Philosophy of Environmental Protection and environmental impact by our business activities from a global perspective and not limited to a regional scale, 4 focal points below are recognized for continual improvements.

  1. Prevention of Global Warming
    Aim to realize the carbon neutral society, systematic operation shall be implemented to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions attributable from our business activities and the product’s life cycle.
  2. Conservation of Resources, and Recycling
    Strive to reduce use of materials and water resources in the business process, and to promote recycling of resources, such as use of recycled material and promotion of material recycle, etc.
  3. Management of Chemical Substances
    Manage a secure control for the use of chemical substances, and to continuously reduce or strive for alternatives regarding potentially hazardous chemicals that may be harmful. Moreover, in using chemical substances, thorough implementation shall be made to prevent pollution.
  4. Preservation of Biodiversity
    To preserve the wildlife ecosystem on earth, forests, oceans, and in sustaining biodiversity as important issues to consider, constructive action in protecting the natural environment shall be implemented.
  5. The following 4 basic approaches are taken in promoting the environmental protection activities:

  6. Compliance to Laws and Regulations
    While complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations, establish voluntary management standards necessary to perform the business activities.
  7. Disclosure of Information, and Communication
    Disclose environment related information to the stakeholders positively, and respect the opinions widely from both inside and outside the company advantageously for environmental activities.
  8. Environmental Education
    While having awareness for environmental preservation, promote environmental education and training with the aim of developing human resources to enable taking action to environmental activities.
  9. Social Contribution
    As a good corporate citizen, we will dedicate ourselves in realizing a better environment both globally and locally, and contribute to the development of society. Moreover, aim to solve social issues regarding environment through the business.