Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations

"Move the Heart and Touch the Soul" is the philosophy of the Pioneer Group.
According to this philosophy, we, all the executives and employees of Pioneer, aim to continue our pioneering creation of new markets and conducting our business with integrity. We will operate our corporate activities based on a high standard of ethics, and aim to keep winning the confidence of our customers by contributing to our society as responsible corporate citizens.

We will provide products and services
that are useful, reliable, and safe.

We will assign top priority to the quality of our products and services to provide satisfaction and confidence to our valued customers. We will accurately assess our customers' needs and reflect them in the development of our products and services, as well as aim for optimal timing and cost efficiency.

We will operate our corporate activities fairly.

We will not tolerate unfairness or violence, and will respect laws of conduct in our society, aiming to contribute to the development of a good and prosperous society. We will fully comply with regulations and laws both inside and outside the company, in accordance with social standards and morals. We will operate our corporate activities fairly, to be prepared to take full responsibility with a global perspective.

We will continue efforts to conserve materials and energy, and reduce impact on the Earth's environment.

Respecting the concept of sustainable development, we will tackle issues such as environmental pollution and support the conservation of energy and natural resources. We will actively support environmental protection measures on a global scale.

We will strive for fair disclosure of information
about our corporate activities.

We will conduct public relations activities fairly and appropriately to all those concerned, including stockholders, customers, business partners and local communities. We will aim to operate our corporate activities with high transparency.

We will undertake effective risk management
to deal with unforeseen incidents
as quickly and sincerely as possible.

We will always try to forecast possible risks and dangers regarding our products, and will take appropriate measures to avert or prevent such risks as swiftly as possible. Should any such incidents arise that may be damaging to Pioneer, immediate measures will be taken to deal with the situation as quickly and sincerely as possible. We will make the utmost effort to educate ourselves on the important issue of risk management.

We will properly manage and protect
our assets and rights.

We recognize and respect the value of our assets and rights, as well as those of other parties, and the violation of these rights will not be tolerated.

We will endeavor to contribute to society
from a global perspective.

We recognize that we are members of a multinational, global society. We will endeavor to contribute to support local communities in the various parts of the world in which we operate, respecting the local customs and culture, and will do our best to cooperate within each society. As community members in the many countries in which we have a presence, we will conduct our corporate activities to meet the standards expected by the local community, and we will cooperate with and participate in local activities.

We will aim to pursue our corporate activities,
always with respect for humanity.

We value the quality and cultural diversity of life very highly, and will aim to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for our employees. We value fair treatment with respect to both recruitment procedures and actual working conditions, so that we can build on mutual respect between the wider community and ourselves.