To Continue as a Company Trusted and Supported by Society

Capital Market's Trust

By engaging in sound and transparent corporate management, we seek to maintain our course, as a company trusted by our shareholders and by investors.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

The Management Stance of the Pioneer Group places the highest priority on customer satisfaction, a goal towards which we constantly strive. We seek to increase the value of our brand name as one held in confidence by our customers by exerting our best efforts to build the organization and to train our personnel to achieve this goal.

Compliance as a Multinational Company

We respect international principles concerning corporate behavior for multinational companies such as the ILO Tripartite Declaration, the OECD Guidelines, and the UN Global Compact, and we comply with relevant international agreements for maintaining world peace and security.

  1. We do not use child labor or forced labor in line with international declarations and principles regarding human rights.
  2. We comply with applicable Labor and employment laws of each country and region in which we do business, including laws regarding remuneration, working hours and freedom of association.
  3. We seek to fulfill all proper obligations with respect to laws and regulations as well as the company rules and policies based on international control regimes when we export our products and components and transfer technologies overseas.
  4. We will not become involved in any business activities related to the development and/or manufacturing of weapons.

Environmental Conservation

We seek to maintain and improve our rich and safe natural environment by establishing environmental management systems and programs to reduce environmental burdens.

  1. We will observe all applicable laws and regulations involving environmental protection and the company rules and policies established as our own additional standards where appropriate. We continually seek to reduce the burden on the global environment through the methods by which we undertake our business activities.
  2. To promote a sustainable society, we, as a good corporate citizen, will take active part in activities reducing waste and making proper use of resources to conserve local environments.

Contributing to Society

We engage in a sustained dialogue with local communities in regions where the Pioneer Group operates, and we seek to make contribution, among other ways, through our business activities and our use of human and material resources. Moreover, we seek to contribute to society through our daily activities.

Strict Measures Against Individuals Endangering Civil Society

We will not maintain relationships with antisocial forces or organizations which pose a threat to the order and security of civil society. We will act promptly, by legal means as necessary, to ensure that we will not be influenced or victimized by antisocial forces or organizations.

Public Disclosure

In addition to corporate data on business results and activities, we strive to disclose information on efforts involving environmental protection and social responsibilities. We obey all applicable laws and regulations as well as the company rules and policies governing stock trading in countries in which the company shares are listed on an exchange. And based on applicable disclosure standards, we seek to disclose information in a full, fair, accurate, timely, and comprehensible manner. Moreover, we make an active effort to engage in public relations activities to assist investors.

Prohibition of Insider Trading

We prohibit the trading of the company shares in violation of laws and regulations or the company rules and policies based on insider information that could potentially affect the company share prices. We also prohibit passing of such insider information to acquaintances or family members.

Prohibition of Inappropriate Bestowing of Benefits to Shareholders or Investors

We grant no special benefits or favors to isolated shareholders or investors.