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Pioneer's Policy on Social Media

The attitude and behavior that Pioneer exhibits on its official accounts with social media sites are as follows:

Basic Policy

  • Pioneer employees, when using social media, adhere to laws and regulations and strive to achieve appropriate and high-quality communication with customers in a manner compliant with the Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations and the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct. We communicate information in a professional, responsible manner expected of the Pioneer Group.
  • We ensure that the content of information we communicate and the way we communicate it will not mislead audiences.
  • We respect the copyrights and rights of portrait of others.
  • We develop internal rules and manuals to ensure that every Pioneer employee adhere to this policy.

The Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations

The Pioneer Group Code of Conduct

We participate in social media sites
with a good understanding of how they work

  • We remain attentive to what other participants have to say through social media.
  • We acknowledge that the general public has access to the Internet and that we cannot retract information once released online, when we communicate information through social media.
  • We contribute to the growth of online communities in which we participate by feeding back to them what we learn from participation.


  • Please note that information about Pioneer available through social media does not necessarily represent Pioneer's official announcements or opinions, even if the information is available in Pioneer's official accounts. Pioneer makes official announcements through its corporate website and in press releases.
  • Each SNS account has its own rules for dialogue (such as response time, settings to activate/deactivate Reply options, and dialogue methods). Please refer to a list of Pioneer's official accounts for details.

Inquiry about Pioneer's policy on social media

  • If you have any questions about Pioneer's use of social media, please fill out and send an online form "Comments and Requests about Pioneer Website".