Special Feature 1: Piomatix,
a Mobility AI Platform That Creates the Future of Mobility Experiences

What can Pioneer do to progress the sustainable development of society? What challenges in the mobility domain can we help solve through our businesses? Piomatix, a revolutionary platform that creates a new commonplace environment, serves as a driving force for our growth as a solution services company.

Piomatix That Drives
Our Groupwide Strategies

The idea of seeking to create the future of mobility experiences and transforming ourselves into a solution services company that solves various issues faced in the mobility domain by combining products and services was inspired by discussions within the Pioneer Innovation Team. The team brings together members from each department to concentrate on successfully reinvigorating Pioneer. That idea was subsequently converted into our Group Vision and detailed in written form.

To realize this Vision, we have built an innovative service platform that enables us to provide new experiences to a wide range of stakeholders by collecting together and appropriately rearranging the technological assets we have accumulated since our founding and new technologies that are currently under development. We have called this platform Piomatix. We continue to evolve the platform on a daily basis as the strategic instrument that is driving our transformation into a solution services company.

Piomatix Solves
Various Social Issues
in the Mobility Domain

Modern vehicle interiors contain more and more multilayered touch panels and operational switches and a growing volume of information, such as a huge amount of on-screen information. They are also increasingly complex to operate. This can be very stressful for the driver, which makes driving more tiresome and affects safety.

We have been working to help solve social issues by combining our long-amassed technology of sound with added value extracted from the vast amounts of mobility data we have accumulated over many years.

Piomatix is a solutions platform that solves various social issues using voice HMI and advanced prediction capabilities that free up the driver’s eyes and hands.

Piomatix Technology

Piomatix boasts two main technologies. The Predictive Engine technology predicts potential changes in a driver’s state by utilizing various technologies such as voice, sensing, and location information. The Voice Human Machine Interface (Voice HMI) frees up the driver’s eyes and hands by using voice and conversation, as opposed to conventional operational buttons and displays, to convey information.

Predictive Engine technology can predict a driver’s behavior in terms of when, from where, to where, and by which route he/she wants to travel, infer how hard the driver is finding things depending on the complexity of the road conditions and any utterances the driver makes, sense when a driver will want to access a certain type of content, and then make the best suggestions at the right time. Also, by including a voice HMI that drivers can use safely and at appropriate times in the service, we have been able to create a stress-free, relaxed, and comfortable mobile space.

Expand into a Wide Range of Mobility Markets

Pioneer has determined four material issues (CSR issues) as priority themes that should be addressed through our businesses: reduce traffic accident risks; resolve labor shortages/last one mile issues; resolve issues of excessive information/complexity in traveling; and support mobility in aging and globalized society. When developing Piomatix, we focused first on resolving issues of excessive information/complexity in traveling. We aim to expand our services not only in the B2C market, but also across a wider range of B2B and B2B2C markets. Our ultimate aim is to grow into a sustainable business that can help solve a greater range of issues in the mobility domain, such as our other three material issues and reducing environmental impact.

Furthermore, Piomatix is an open platform. As a platform provider in the mobility domain, we will strive to help realize a sustainable society by accelerating strategic partnerships with other companies and solving even more problems.

Any forward-looking statements are based on current company expectations.
There is no guarantee that these statements will be realized as expected in the future.