Top Message

Under its Group Philosophy "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul," Pioneer has launched a series of world-first, industry-first products and services since its foundation in 1938.

Our new Group Vision "Creating the Future of Mobility Experiences" is about where we aspire to be in 2025. In our pursuit of this vision, we will continue to grow our enterprise value.

People’s values and lifestyles have been undergoing dramatic transformations in the new normal. In this changing environment, Pioneer’s aspiration is to deliver the combined values of products and services in the mobility domain. We will continue to create and offer new hardware products by leveraging our years of expertise and experience in product development and manufacturing. At the same time, we will develop new business models that leverage a massive amount of data collected from inside and outside vehicles through on-board devices to provide the driver with a stream of information in real time to make driving safer and more comfortable; assist the logistics industry in addressing truck driver shortages as well as achieving greater energy efficiency; and help resolve social issues such as traffic congestion and accidents.

Pioneer is committed to becoming a solution service company that will constantly bring new values and excitement to you by offering products and services that will make your mobility experiences safer, smarter, and more comfortable.

President and CEO

Shiro Yahara