Biodiversity and Social Contributions

We contribute to preserve
natural environment.

Although an enterprise performs its business activities by receiving food, water, and other benefits of ecosystem services supported by diverse organisms, it also has impacts on the ecosystem, such as decrease of biological species.
Environmental impact assessment results show that the Pioneer Group is high in environmental impact in terms of energy use amount, wastes, etc. Therefore, based on the concept that we can contribute to preserve the biodiversity by making effort to reduce environmental impact comprehensively such as global warming prevention, resource savings, resource recycling, and management of chemical substances, the Pioneer Group addresses to reduce energy use amount and wastes continuously.
In addition, we continuously conduct the regional contribution activities and make efforts to preserve biodiversity such as the Pioneer Forest activity and improvements of activity areas for animals and plants.

In 2005, Pioneer concluded an agreement with the Saitama Prefectural Forestry Public Corporation to takeover regular management of 2.4 hectares of cypress forest near Kamakita Lake, which we have named the "Pioneer Forest." The forest, which had originally been a dark forest that blocked out sunlight, has grown bright and leafy thanks to the work of Pioneer employees and their families volunteering regularly thinning and pruning trees. This activity was certified to be equivalent to a CO2 absorption amount of 46.3 tonnes- CO2 /year in 2020 by the Forest CO2 Absorption Certification Scheme of Saitama Prefecture. In February 2016, Saitama Prefecture also became involved, and all three parties concluded the new Saitama Prefecture Forest Development Agreement. We will enhance future activities by using forest including workshops for children to experience nature.

Forest CO2 Absorption Certification by Saitama Prefecture

Tree pruning

Forest after the tree pruning

Activities history

Oct.13 2018
The 21th Event
Pruning, Children - Forest Exploration, Woodworking (Wreath making)
May.12 2018
The 20th Event
Thinning, Children - Forest Exploration, Woodworking (Dandelion art making), Forest Yoga Experience
May.20 2017
The 19th Event
Thinning, Children - Forest Exploration, Woodworking (Nameplate, coaster making), Forest Yoga Experience
Nov.12 2016
The 18th Event
Pruning, Children - Forest Exploration, Parent-child Woodworking (Wreath making)
May.14 2016
The 17th Event
Thinning, Forest Concert, Children - Forest Exploration, Balloon Greeting
Jun.06 2015
The 16th Event
Thinning, Children - Forest Exploration, Woodworking (Original coater making)
Oct.25 2014
The 15th Event
Event Pruning using Ladder (Only adults)
Oct.13 2012
The 14th Event
Event Pruning (Only adults)
May.19 2012
The 13th Event
Thinning (Only adults)
Oct.16 2010
The 12th Event
Pruning, Children - Forest Exploration, Woodworking (Strap making)
May.15 2010
The 11th Event
Pruning, Children - Forest Exploration, Parent-child Woodworking (Nameplate making)
Oct.31 2009
The 10th Event
Pruning, Nameko Mushrooms Harvest, Children - Forest Exploration, Parent-child Woodworking (Photo frame making)
Jun.20 2009
 The 9th Event 
Thinning, Nameko Mushrooms Upside down, Children - Forest Exploration, Parent-child Woodworking (Bird call making)
Nov.01 2008
 The 8th Event 
Pruning, Thinning, Children - Forest Exploration, Parent-child Woodworking
Jun.14 2008
 The 7th Event 
Thinning, Nameko Mushrooms Inoculation, Children - Forest Exploration
Oct.13 2007
 The 6th Event 
Pruning, Children - Forest Exploration
Jun.23 2007
 The 5th Event 
Improvement Cutting, Climbing Plant Cutting, Bench Making, Children - Forest Exploration, Bread Making
Nov.23 2006
 The 4th Event 
Pruning, Woodworking Craft Making
Jun.10 2006
 The 3th Event 
Improvement Cutting, Climbing Plant Cutting, Planting (Persimmon, Chestnut, Prunus tomentosa, Aralia elata, Wild cherry tree)
Nov.19 2005
 The 2th Event 
Pruning, Hiking
Jun.04 2005
 The 1th Event 
Installation of the Pioneer Forest Signboard, Bridge Installation, Bench Installation in Open Space

Activities report

Pioneer Forest/ Maintenance Activities

The signboard built in 2005 has been there for 15 years, then deterioration on props has progressed, so we repaired them. Regarding the signboard setting, the Saitama Prefectural Forestry Public Corporation supported us for all processes from material selection of the props to processing method, work tools, and work processes. They supported us on the setting day as well.

Currently the forest maintenance activities of the "Pioneer Forest" are stopped due to the COVID-19, but we would like to restart and continue them.

Dig the holes and sting the props

Take balance to make the board horizontally

It took 3 hours to complete the setting

PTM (production corporation in Thailand) performs planting activities of mangrove in Samut Songkhram.
There are mangrove forests along the coastline of Thailand, populated by marine and forest animals and plants. The forests serve important roles as two ecological systems and are called "Paradise for living creatures" and "Cradle for marine lives". However, mangrove forests have been decreasing recently.
Therefore, PTM has started the planting activities since 1996 to improve the environment.

Condition of the works

Kawagoe Plant
(Kawagoe Festival/ Cleanup Activities)

Kawagoe Plant participates the Cleanup Activities which are organized by Kawagoe Environment Net and performed for "Kawagoe Festival“ held at Kawagoe City in Saitama.
The Kawagoe Festival, which is registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, is a great pleasure on autumn in every year for many people including citizen. In 2021, the festival was not held due to COVID-19, but “to clean the town for next year", the "Autumn Cleanup Activities" were performed mainly in the Warehousing Zone in old town of Kawagoe.
Same as usual year, employees in Kawagoe Plant and their families participated, and poured comfortable sweat while picking up trash on the specified route.

Kawagoe Plant
(Koedo Kawagoe Warehousing Zone / Cleanup Activities)

In Pioneer Kawagoe Plant, employees performed the Cleanup Activities at Koedo Kawagoe Warehousing Zone.
The community contribution activities had been canceled due to COVID-19, but this time, it was held for the first time in a while, and about 30 members participated including interns. It was performed while taking countermeasure against COVID-19, and a lot of trash was collected in the 2-hour Cleanup Activities. We would like to continue to participate this community contribution activities.

Kawagoe Plant
(Zero Trash Activities)

Pioneer Kawagoe Plant was registered as an activity organization of "Sainokuni Road Support System" in Saitama Prefecture, and we perform cleanup/ beautification activities on the roads controlled by prefecture.
In late years, it cannot be performed with large numbers of people due to COVID-19, so we continue the activities with several voluntary employees. We would like to continue the cleanup of surrounding roads of this plant and maintenance of the road environment, and build the confidence relationship with community residents, to attempt to improve the environmental awareness in employees.

Mascot characters
in Saitama Prefecture
Kobaton & Saitamacchi

Pioneer System Technologies Corporation, Sendai Headquarter
(Town Beautification Support Program)

At the Pioneer System Technologies Corporation, we participate the "Sendai Town Beautification Support Program" to clean the surrounding of headquarter building periodically.
In order to cooperate to develop the comfortable town where we located, we have been continuously participated the activities since we were certified in 2014.
The activities were acknowledged in 2017, then a signboard was installed near the headquarter building by Sendai City.
We would like to continue the activities.

(Flower Roads/ Planting Activities)

In SOAR CORPORATION (group company of Tohoku Pioneer Corporation), as beautification activities of Yonezawa Hachimanbara Industrial Park in Yonezawa City of Yamagata Prefecture where our plant is located, we participate the mowing and planting activities on median strips of main roads in the Industrial Park every year.
Yonezawa has so heavy snowfall in winter season that snow walls are made along with roads, but weeds start to grow all at once as soon as thawing in spring, and in early summer, weeds overgrow on median strips in the Industrial Park, so visibility and beauty of the road will be poor. Therefore, corporations in the Industrial Park get together, share the area, then perform the mowing and planting activities on the median strips. 
Every year, we mow and plant the pansies in June, and mow on surrounding in August.
By these activities, we can enjoy the main roads in Industrial Park as "Flower Roads" which bright color flowers bloom till September.

Before mowing

Being mowed

Plant the pansies

Corporations in Industrial Park
participate to make the Flower Roads