Sound Lab.

The "Sound Lab" is Pioneer's commitment
to sound in a given form.

It is a sound entertainment space for
listening, feeling, and expressing.

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  • Sound Lab. × Sound Bum
    The project Sound Bum, which began in 1999,
    is going on a “trip to enjoy sound”
    around the world.
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  • Sound Lab. × Cyberforest
    Collaboration with the University of Tokyo
    research project Cyberforest. You can enjoy
    the sound of the forest in real time.
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Introduction to Sound Lab.

  • Global Sounds
    You can enjoy various sounds of the world carefully selected by Pioneer,
    plotted on a map of the whole world.
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  • Sound Archive
    When you listen to your ears, the usual sounds that you missed casually may sound different to your heart.
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  • Sound Material
    You can enjoy your favorite sounds with
    full-screen photos or download them as audio data in MP3 format.
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  • The Planet of Sound
    You can purchase natural sounds from around the world selected by Pioneer
    in the iTunes Store.
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  • Collaboration
    Examples of various collaborations that connect with sound using Sound Lab.
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  • What's "Sound Lab."
    This is a sound entertainment space
    where you can listen, feel and express
    pioneer's commitment to sound.
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Official Facebook

Various sounds from around the world are introduced
on the official Facebook of Sound Lab.

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Smartphone App

It is an application that you can listen to various sounds around the world or record and post your own sounds.