Sound Material

Find the right sound to color
your mood from a variety of different sounds taken
from all around the world.

Now you can enjoy a depth of experience never before achievable, by "feeling true sounds in your very soul."
It's all waiting right here, just for you to download and enjoy!


Number of Tracks: 60

Enjoying Sound Material

Sound Material includes four channels: Fun, Energy, Slow, and Neutral.
Connect them to your speakers to create a luxurious space, or download to listen from a music player.
Pick your favorite sounds and enjoy them any way you please.

What is "My List"?

Select your favorite sounds from all the audio sources in Sound Material, and save them in "My List". After saving My List, you can continue enjoying your list next time.

* Please note that this list may not be saved, depending on your environment.

About Downloading

Click the Download button to download your favorite sounds and channels.
Save them on your computer and enjoy!

* Files are downloaded in the following format: MPEG Audio Player 3 (MP3)

Use Full Screen Display to Create a Luxurious Space

Click the Full Screen button to expand the screen until it covers your entire monitor, and enjoy viewing photographs in full screen mode while enjoying your favorite sounds. The Full Screen mode is even more enjoyable when connected to a large-screen TV or monitor and high-quality speakers.

* Turn your screen saver off before launching Full Screen mode.

* Sound Material requires version 9 or higher of Adobe Flash Player 9 to run. Please download the latest Flash Player. The content on this site is recommended for broadband connections. Click the Enter button above to display a separate window at full screen size. Please set your monitor's resolution to at least 1,024 x 768 pixels to enjoy this feature.