Making Mobility Safer, Smarter,
and More Comfortable

Pioneer leverages the prowess in product development and manufacturing
it has accumulated since its founding in 1938, to accelerate its efforts
to transform into a preeminent provider of products and services.
Our goal is to evolve into a solutions and services company that makes the most of mobility data.

Pioneer’s core strengths lie in three areas:
solutions development in the mobility field;
product development and manufacturing;
and corporate infrastructure.

Solutions Development
in the Mobility Field

Piomatix is a technology platform on which to provide services that make driving a safer and more comfortable experience.
It is an open platform developed in-house that combines cutting-edge AI technologies
and a voice-enabled user interface to create and deliver a variety of new services.

A Mobility AI Platform designed to create
the future of mobility experiences


Piomatix provides a basis on which to develop services
that deliver a variety of exciting user experiences.

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The Cross Technology Center combines Pioneer’s DNA with a team of DX talent to develop and deliver groundbreaking value.

Pushing Pioneer’s SaaS Business forward

Cross Technology Center

Combines products and services to resolve
wide-ranging issues in the mobility field.

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Pioneer’s technological DNA has been driving us to create world’s first and industry’s first products and services.
Our advanced technologies take mobility solutions to the next level, combining innovative products and services to deliver novel value.

Pushing the SaaS business forward with

Advanced Technologies

to create the future of mobility experience

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Product Development
and Manufacturing

For decades, Pioneer has amassed a wealth of expertise in sound and optical technologies,
as well as the prowess in product development and manufacturing of in-car devices.
We take full advantage of these assets to develop and provide compelling products and services globally.


Pioneer designs advanced products and services that bear relevance in this fast-changing market and set an essential standard for next-generation platforms and applications.

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For years, Pioneer’s DNA has driven us to create a series of world’s first and industry’s first products.
We will continue to take full advantage of our prowess in product development and manufacturing to provide exciting new products and services.

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Since its founding as a speaker manufacturer in 1938,
Pioneer has been driven by a passion to deliver soul-stirring experiences to people around the world.
That passion has materialized into the online sound-entertainment community Sound Lab.

Sound Lab.

Sound Lab. is an online sound-entertainment community
in which you can listen to, feel, and share sound
in various forms and means.
Visit to experience the profound nature of sound.

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Corporate Infrastructure

Global Network

In 17 countries
and regions

Pioneer operates in 17 countries
and regions around the world.

Established in


In the decades-long tradition of bringing out
a series of world’s first and industry’s first
products and services, we will continue
to offer exciting new value and experiences.

Consolidated net sales

268.6 billion yen

for fiscal year ended March 31, 2023

Our ongoing efforts for transformation are intended to increase our enterprise value.

Number of employees

8,368 globally

as of March 31, 2023

Every employee has a chance to achieve their
full potential to collectively drive innovation.

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Corporate Information

Creating the Future
of Mobility Experiences

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