Cross Technology Center


LIFTThe Cross Technology Center supports and enhances Pioneer’s entire business operations and

SHIFThelps the company transform from a manufacturer into a provider
of products, services, and solutions.

PioneerAs a result, Pioneer will evolve into a new Pioneer.


The Cross Technology Center is at the forefront of pushing Pioneer’s SaaS Business
forward by combining products and services to resolve wide-ranging issues in the
mobility field.

Streamline development and operations through DevOps

The development and operations teams work together under the DevOps model to develop high-quality services and achieve greater delivery excellence.

Develop and operate services in-house

Develop and operate services in-house to be able to bring the right
products to the market timely in fast-changing business environments.

Make greater use of data for service development and delivery

Data engineers and scientists from across the Pioneer Group get together in the Center to access and use data maintained by the Group in a coordinated fashion. This enables us to perform more sophisticated data analytics and make greater use of AI as a basis for growing our data-driven service business.

Scope of Project Fields

The Cross Technology Center covers these wide-ranging fields
and plays a leading role in transforming Pioneer.