Pioneer brings soul-stirring excitement
to people around the world.

The founder Nozomu Matsumoto developed the industry’s first Hi-Fi dynamic speaker in 1937.
The following year, he founded Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho, a private entity and the predecessor of Pioneer Corporation.
Pioneer will continue to push the boundaries of sound, vision, and information in order to bring soul-stirring excitement to people around the world.

  • History of Pioneer
    Pioneer’s history, filled with world’s first products and services, is presented in chronological order.
  • Company name and logo
    Learn where the company name “Pioneer” comes from and how its logo has evolved over the years.
  • Corporate Creed
    Pioneer upholds the following five core values that define who we are and represent the way of doing business we emphasize and continuously improve upon.
  • History of our GPS car navigation system
    Learn how Pioneer’s GPS car navigation system has evolved since its debut in 1990.
    (Available only in Japanese)