Sound Technologies

Sound Technologies


soul-stirring moments.

Joyful experience of
to music
that resonates deeply.

They’re what Pioneer
has been
since the early days.

Pioneer’s lasting legacy
in Sound

Pioneer’s history began in 1937 when our founder put together a great-sounding
hi-fi dynamic speaker, a rarity in those days, in his workshop.

Since then, the pursuit of great sound has been in our DNA.

Our pursuit of great sound comes from our unbridled passion to deliver soul-stirring experiences of listening to music that fulfill people’s lives with meaning and joy. This passion has been running through all our products and services made possible by our wealth of knowledge and expertise in sound technologies.

Sound makes in-car space safer
and more comfortable

Pioneer’s sound solutions create safe and comfortable in-car space
for drivers and passengers. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Reproduce music with the artistic intent intact
  • Make drivers and passengers feel comfortable and relaxed on the road
  • Facilitate a stress-free environment to help the driver stay focused on driving
  • Offer an engaging and friendly user interface

Technologies that turn in-car space into a natural, immersive sound field

Pioneer’s in-car sound systems are installed in millions of vehicles on the road and are well received by consumers and automakers around the globe. These systems are the culmination of our years of engineering and development efforts, supported by our extensive expertise in the in-car environment, as well as our well-established excellence in manufacturing and quality control.

Our sound systems are designed to turn in-car space into a natural, immersive sound field, and are made up of:

  • Car navigation and audio systems that deliver excellent audio performance
  • Power amplifiers that reproduce clear and dynamic sound
  • Speakers that deliver nuanced sound in exceptional clarity
  • Sound-enhancement devices that bring the best out of the source in a manner tailored to vehicle types

Recreating a great sound field

Our exceptional attention to detail extends to every aspect of recreating a natural, immersive sound field in a vehicle.

In pursuit of sound excellence, we carefully select parts and components that go into our in-car products, design circuits of the highest performance, and apply sophisticated molding and processing technologies in production lines.

Furthermore, we use meticulous sound-field adjustment techniques and tuning data to take the in-car sound quality and performance to the highest level.

Top-of-the-line TAD-branded speakers and hi-fi components

TAD-branded high-end speakers and hi-fi audio components have been widely recognized around the world as being capable of reproducing music with the artistic intent intact.

TAD professional speaker units have been used for a variety of demanding commercial applications, such as famed recording studios and concert halls. Their uncompromising performance and reliability have earned the trust of professional sound engineers and producers.

The design and engineering philosophy behind TAD products has found its way into our in-car sound systems available through retail channels, as well as into the systems factory-installed by automakers.

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