Message from the President

By providing solutions that help solve social issues,
we aim to achieve sustainable growth and become a trusted global player.

We recognize it is our duty to create and provide solutions designed to solve social issues and that this process is essential for generating sustainable growth.

With this mission, we are steered toward achieving the Group Vision of “Creating the Future of Mobility Experience,” by transforming into a solution services company that solves the various issues faced in the mobility domain by combining products and services.

We will drive transformation by focusing on key issues (“Materiality”) we have identified in which our business growth will have a direct positive impact such as reducing traffic accident risks. We are currently pursuing both B2C and B2B avenues for creating solutions.

In today’s world, problems such as climate change are becoming increasingly apparent and companies are recognizing that developing a solid ESG response is essential to forming a management base that can support sustainable growth.

Pioneer is turning its attention back to fulfilling our Group Philosophy, “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul,” and directly linking that quest to the solving of social issues. At the same time, we are proactively developing new services that emphasize Pioneer’s unique pursuit of ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

President and CEO

Shiro Yahara