Aspiring to be a globally preferred company far into the future by accomplishing business growth while contributing
to realization of a sustainable society

The Pioneer’s philosophy, "the Heart and Touch the Soul," expresses our aspiration to get connected and share our "passion" with as many people as possible, transcending barriers such as of gender, age, race, nationality, and disabilities by employing sound, vision, and information provided by our products and services.

Enterprises are urged to create new value with a view to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 adopted by the United Nations and realizing a "human-centered society," advocated by the Japanese government, in which the cyberspace (virtual space) and the physical space (real space) are highly integrated.

Various industries are now working to respond to such change in the social environment, with an eye to the future mobility society. Pioneer aims to provide more comfortable, safe, and secure mobility for everyone and achieve business growth and expansion. To accomplish this goal, we will strengthen our competitiveness towards the upcoming autonomous driving society by utilizing sound and optical technologies, which have been Pioneer’s strengths since its foundation, and knowhow in information services accumulated through car navigation systems.

I look forward to your continued understanding and strong support in the months and years to come.

December 2018