Respect for Employees

We are active in the following viewpoints to Work Energetically with Mutual Respect for Each Other.

Realizing the Group Vision

Pioneer Group employees endeavor to infuse their work with passion and enthusiasm. Their personal and professional growth is an essential contribution to the growth of the Group. Employees make difficult decisions with conviction and professionalism, and they welcome challenges to achieve higher goals. Pioneer encourages its diverse employees around the globe to foster creativity and communicate openly. Through these means, the Group is striving to realize its overarching vision: “Spread the smiles. Feel the vibes. Share the passion. Pioneer engages you anytime, anywhere.”

Pioneer places value on:

  • Mutual trust
  • Efforts toward innovation
  • Horizontal communication that extends across organizations and segments
  • People who think, learn, and grow continuously on their own initiative
  • The determination to accomplish tasks

From the Pioneer Corporation Employee Code of Conduct

Respect for Human Rights

“We aim to pursue corporate activities with the utmost respect for humanity” is a key commitment espoused under the Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations. In an effort to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment that allows every employee to go about his or her duties with energy and vitality, the Group also places considerable emphasis on fair treatment with regard to both recruitment procedures and actual working conditions. Based on a sense of mutual trust and respect, the Pioneer Group is endeavoring to build and develop a highly transparent organizational framework, based on the following principles:

  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Prohibition of harassment
  • Prevention of industrial or other accidents
  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  • Respect for privacy
  • Strict adherence to all laws and regulations

From the Basic Rules for the Management of Personnel of the Rules of the Pioneer Group

Workplace Diversity

In an effort to realize our Group Vision, Pioneer will work to create an environment where a diverse group of employees, who maintain their professionalism, are able to work to their fullest and create new value, irrespective of their age, gender or nationality. To this end, career development for women and middle-aged seniors is a key issue that is addressed in our corporate strategy.
Regarding career development for women, female staff in management positions accounted for 3.8% of all managers as of the end of April 2020. To achieve our target of 3.8% by the end of March 2021,we are implementing the following measures.

Number of Pioneer’s Female Staff in Management Positions (Including Loaned Employees)

Number of Pioneer Group Employees

Helping Employees Balance Work and Childcare

Pioneer actively promotes initiatives to help employees balance work and child/nursing care.
Regarding balance with childcare, since 2007, the Company has been continuously certified with the Next Generation Certification ”Kurumin“ mark issued by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. As for balance with nursing care, we hold nursing care seminars to prevent employees from leaving their jobs to become a carer for a family member.
We also offer e-learning and conduct employee questionnaire surveys to facilitate understanding of the systems available and prevent harassment of employees who wish to use them. In this way, we are improving the environment conducive to achieving a balance between work and child/nursing care.

Number of Employees Who Utilized Work-life Balance Systems (Excluding Loaned Employees)

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Childcare leave system 47(7) 42(2) 19(0) 36(1) 33(4)
Caregiver's leave system 1(1) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0)
Shortened working hours for care of children or family members 77(5) 74(5) 82(4) 90(4) 68(3)

Note: Figures in parentheses indicate use by male employees; employees on leave are for the period identified; shortened working hours refers to employees as of the end of the fiscal year

Achievements under the First Phase of Integrated Action Plan(April 2018-March 2021)
(Common for Child/Nursing Care)

  • Supporting the work and family life balance
    Initiatives aimed at the individuals concerned, including return-to-workplace programs and roundtables on childcare
  • Fostering a corporate culture of solidarity
    Initiatives aimed at surroundings, including training for superiors of people returning to the workplace and disseminating information through PR materials

Mentor System

Pioneer continues to actively promote meaningful and worthwhile relationships within its organizational structure. As a part of these endeavors, the Company introduced a mentor system from September 2007 in an effort to promote employee career planning and positive growth. The initial system covered 21 female managers, and it is currently being expanded to include candidates for executive positions as well as new female employees.

Three-pronged Women's Career Development Support Plan

Promoting mutual understanding among employees

By raising awareness of women's status and job types, as well as gender issues

Support programs

Covering management, employee career development, and work and family life balance, with assistance from executives

Increasing the number of women employees and appointments in line with the career development index

Encompassing recruitment, management positions, management training, efforts to reduce the attrition rate, and broadening job categories

Number of Pioneer Employees with Disabilities

In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and to employ a diverse workforce, Pioneer has consistently undertaken initiatives to employ people with disabilities. Pioneer will continue to take active steps in this direction, expanding the range of occupations available to people with disabilities throughout the Group as a whole.

Number of Pioneer Employees with Disabilities

Mental Health Care

Health management of employees is more than just a matter of health and safety, and Pioneer regards the development of both the Company and its people as an important management issue. Therefore, Pioneer takes a preventive approach to mental health care, holding seminars for employees, distributing promotional materials to raise awareness of the issue, improving its Health Care Section, and building a counseling service system. In addition, the Company has developed a program for helping employees who have experienced mental health issues to return to the workplace.

Basic Policy

Prevent mental health disorders and intervene at an early stage

Health and Safety Initiatives

Pioneer is working to ensure safe, hygienic workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind.

Basic Policy on Health and Safety

At Pioneer, we accord the highest priority to protecting health and safety. In accordance with this basic policy, the Global Health and Safety Committee, which manages and administers the Pioneer Group’s health and safety, is spearheading related activities covering not only employees but also all other stakeholders.

Global Health and Safety Committee

While health and safety had previously been addressed by each Group company and each business site, in June 2018 Pioneer established the Global Health and Safety Committee, which is under the direct supervision of the President, in order to implement further advanced activities throughout the Group. The Global Health and Safety Committee aims to realize a comfortable and safe workplace as well as prevent hazards and ill health, and its activities include establishing rules for the Pioneer Group, monitoring progress of the health and safety initiatives at Group companies and service locations, and providing support through educational content. The committee meets twice a year (spring and fall) to inculcate and share awareness about the importance of health and safety while improving the level of initiatives through exchange of information.

Personnel Development

Pioneer has established a Human Resources Management Policy that serves as a standard for hiring and managing employees and gives guidance on planning and operating its personnel systems and measures.

Human Resources Management Policy

Human Resources Management Philosophy (Important Concepts)

Mutual growth: Individuals and organizations grow together

  • Each employee should experience personal growth through work and make steady progress
  • Each employee should obtain happiness and satisfaction through a sense of job achievement
  • Mutual motivation should occur between individual employees and between individuals and their organizations, thereby maintaining relationships of mutual improvement

Human Resources Management Vision

The Human Resources Management Vision outlines Pioneer’s goals for its human resources management activities. It is intended to serve as a guide for the development and utilization of human resources by turning the growth of individual employees into corporate growth.

  1. Positive Challenge
    Encouraging employees to take on the challenge of fulilling their own ambitions
  2. Productive Chemistry
    Providing opportunities for employees to display their creativity and innovation, while fostering personal chemistry between individuals and between individuals and organizations
  3. Open Door Communication
    Encouraging communication as the key to human resource management

Personnel Development

Pioneer has set forth its personnel training policy and implemented measures that assist employees in developing a career mindset and growing through out personnel policies, on-the-job training, off-the-job training and personal development.
In addition, Pioneer offers programs at various levels which are created around the core components of basic attitude, management, global personnel development, as well as knowledge and skills for executing operations.

Personnel Development System

Personnel Development Policy

  • Develop the abilities that each and every employee needs to flourish
  • Develop personnel who will take up challenges and decisively complete them to realize the Company’s growth strategy
  • Develop managers who will increase corporate value and lead their organizations