Top Message

Pioneer, driven by its Group Philosophy "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul", consistently brings the world’s first and the industry’s first products and services since its establishment in 1938. In the fall of 2020, Pioneer established "Creating the future of Mobility Experiences", as a new corporate vision representing its ideal direction towards the year 2025, and has been working to further enhance its corporate value.

In anticipation of a new stage of our growth, Pioneer will leverage its proven manufacturing capabilities in the car electronics to continually create new products that impress customers around the world. By using AI to analyze and utilize data from maps and mobilities, we will also build new business models, including services that solve social issues such as traffic congestions and accidents.

Additionally, through our unique products and services, we will strive to become a company that is able to deliver new value and excitement more to customers than ever.

President and CEO

Shiro Yahara