Commercial audio solutions

Pioneer supplies to corporate customers high-quality speaker devices for use in PCs as well as technical solutions for improving audio quality.

High-end audio equipment

Pioneer's TAD brand has established a strong position in both Japan and international high-end audio equipment markets.

High-end audio equipment

Optical storage devices

Pioneer offers high-precision BD/DVD drives for PCs, including ones capable of reading Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, and audio devices.

Optical storage devices

Medical and health-care related devices

Pioneer develops and manufactures a compact wearable "laser blood flow meters" that measures blood flow in a nonintrusive manner, and an "electronic stethoscopes" based on Pioneer's proprietary audio technology.

OLED devices

Pioneer develops and sells thin, light, sturdy, and low-power OLED displays and special-purpose OLED light sources.

Autonomous-Driving Field

Pioneer is striving to become one of the key players in the emerging autonomous-driving field by making the most of the proprietary optical and car-navigation technologies we have accumulated over the years as well as our technical prowess in compiling and updating digital map data.