Car Electronics Business

Proposal of new value
and initiatives for the future.

Pioneer Corporation engages primarily in the car electronics business
by using its leading-edge technologies to turn
innovative and visionary ideas into industry-leading mobility products and services.

Pioneer is also one of the key players in
developing and offering diverse solutions for emerging autonomous driving.

Mobility Products

Pioneer leverages its leading-edge technologies, which have created a series of
the world’s first and industry-first products, to remain at the forefront in creating and
delivering new value in mobility products and contributing to auto safety and comfort on the road.

Consumer Market Business

A broad range of our in-car products—including the Carrozzeria series for the Japanese market, navigation systems, audio/video systems, speakers, and driving recorders—provide greater auto safety and comfort as well as enhanced in-car entertainment experience.

OEM Business

Pioneer supplies high-quality navigation systems, audio/video systems,
and speakers to leading automakers around the globe.
We also offer solutions developed using our proprietary technologies
to create safe and comfortable in-car environment for the next-generation vehicles.

Mobility Services

Leveraging a wealth of probe data and location data we have amassed over the years,
Pioneer commercializes information services and provides digital map data for a variety of devices and applications.

Data solutions

Pioneer plays a prominent role in ensuring auto safety on the road by
developing and offering cloud services that work with on-board car navigation systems and driving recorders.

Telematics services

Intelligent Pilot is an advanced driving assist system that provides warnings by integrally predicting accidents and risks from digital map data, probe information, accident location data, weather and personal driving tendencies, etc. This system is adopted as an optional car insurance contract service.

Car solutions

Through the use of car navigation systems and event data recorders, Pioneer provides its unique service for commercial vehicles, Vehicle Assist, that supports advanced operations management such as task management, operational instructions, grasp of dangerous driving, and so on.