Business Ethics

To realize its group philosophy, "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul,"
Pioneer is committed to remaining at the vanguard of creating cutting-edge new markets.
All directors and employees of the Pioneer Group will work as one to reach this goal.
Furthermore, Pioneer aims to remain a trusted company in the eyes of the public
by actively pursuing business activities as well as fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations

  • We will provide products and services that are useful, reliable, and safe.
  • We will operate our corporate activities fairly.
  • We will continue efforts to conserve materials and energy, and reduce impact on the Earth's environment.
  • We will strive for fair disclosure of information about our corporate activities.
  • We will undertake effective risk management to deal with unforeseen incidents as quick and sincerely as possible.
  • We will properly manage and protect our assets and rights.
  • We will endeavor to contribute to society from a global perspective.
  • We will aim to pursue our corporate activities, always with respect for humanity.

Pioneer Group Code of Conduct

In accordance with the "Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations" Pioneer has established the "Pioneer Group Code of Conduct" as a set of standards that must be observed by all corporate officers and employees of the Pioneer Group.
These standards specify the basic requirements for responding sincerely and rapidly to stakeholders at all times, while maintaining impartial, fair and transparent relationships with them in all nations and regions where Pioneer conducts business operations.

Pioneer Group Code of Conduct

Ensuring Observance of
the "Pioneer Group Code of Conduct"

Pioneer has established the "Business Ethics Hotline" in collaboration with an independent thirdparty institution as an internal reporting system for all directors and employees of the Pioneer Group in Japan and overseas.
Through these initiatives, Pioneer has established and operates a system for identifying in early stages and rapidly solving issues related to violations of its code of conduct throughout the Pioneer Group worldwide, while protecting informants, and for reducing the risk of possible unethical behavior. Furthermore, by publicly disclosing its code of conduct, Pioneer aims to work hand in hand with suppliers and other business partners to ensure that its activities are based on a strong awareness of its corporate social responsibilities.