Corporate Governance

We aim for sustainable growth and increase corporate value through the realization of effective corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Structure

As of November 1, 2023

Internal Control System and Risk Management

The Pioneer Group continues to upgrade, expand, and bolster its internal control system and its risk management in an effort to prevent risk and address crisis situations. To ensure the adequacy and optimal efficiency of business activity execution throughout the entire Group, Pioneer has positioned the Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations as its foremost component, under which have been established the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct as well as the Rules of the Pioneer Group, which consist of specific rules outlining the scope of responsibility and authority for each Group company along with guidelines relating to compliance and other areas, and all Pioneer Group employees are fully informed of these stipulations.

The Internal Audit Division audits the business operations of the entire Group, and collaborates closely with internal audit managers from each Group company, the Audit and Supervisory Committee and other related parties when auditing internal control systems and risk management as it endeavors to enhance the efficacy of internal audits related to corporate ethics, quality control and environmental protection. Moreover, the Audit and Supervisory Committee ensures the effectiveness of their audits by expanding opportunities for periodic explanations and reports from the Internal Audit Division, the Internal Control Division, the Accounting Division and the Independent Auditor.

Foundation of Pioneer's Decisions and Actions

The Pioneer Group will consistently take note of changes in society as it continues to provide products and services. To fulfill its social responsibilities, the Group intends to gain an understanding of society’s expectations through dialog with various stakeholders including shareholders, consumers and customers, local communities, business partners and employees.

Of foremost importance is the Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations, which aims to ensure that the Group will remain trusted and respected by society as a good corporate citizen. In addition, the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct has been established to outline basic decision-making and behavioral standards for Group directors, officers, and employees.

Each Group company ensures that every officer and employee follows the Code while observing the laws and social conventions of their respective countries and regions.

Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations

Pioneer Group Code of Conduct

Full Compliance and
the Internal Whistleblowing System

The Pioneer Group adheres to all relevant laws and regulations regarding compliance as the foundation for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and the basis for creating a workplace environment in which employees can carry out their duties with security and complete peace of mind.

The Pioneer Group aims to ensure strict adherence to all relevant laws and regulations as well as the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct by all members of Group management and employees. Behavior that departs from accepted standards can upset the harmony of the workplace. In order to eliminate any wrongdoing, internal auditing has been consolidated across the Group. In addition, the Business Ethics Hotline has been established as an internal whistleblowing system for the entire Group to quickly detect and appropriately address behavior that is in violation of the Pioneer Group Code of Conduct.

The Hotline, operated by an external agency, is administered appropriately to ensure that informants are not treated unfavorably on account of having reported something to the Hotline while maintaining their anonymity. The details of reports received by the Hotline are simultaneously referred to outside directors who are audit and supervisory committee members, enabling them to ensure a response in good faith.

The division in charge of the Hotline provides information to employees about the Business Ethics Hotline such as with posts on the intranet bulletin board. This creates an environment that allows employees to report any wrongdoing they may encounter.

Furthermore, in addition to establishing original local hotlines at its overseas subsidiaries, the Pioneer Group has established a hotline which is for outside directors who are audit and supervisory committee members and receives reports from in and out of the Pioneer Group, to strengthen the compliance structure of the entire Group.

Overview of Whistleblowing System in Pioneer Group