Corporate Citizenship Activities

Utilizing Pioneer's technology, experience and know-how,
we are engaged in social contribution activities in which each and every employee actively participates.

  • Audio & Video
    Pioneer has been particular about the company since its inception, and has been engaged in social contribution activities using sound and images that have been involved in various products.
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  • Environment
    Pioneer, who has been making speakers using wood, is conducting environmental conservation activities centered on forest conservation as a "benefit to trees".
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    Pioneer Forest

    For more information about the Pioneer Forest and other activities,
    please see Environment | Biodiversity and Social Contributions page.

  • Education
    Pioneer mainly focuses on "Hands-on Craft Workshops" where you can enjoy learning about the principle of sound and the structure of speakers.
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  • Social Welfare and Interaction with Local Community
    In addition to supporting disasters and valuing resources, we also interact with local communities as good corporate citizens.
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